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Is 512mb really not enough for an Android phone? (I'm thinking of Nexus S or Atrix 4g). I love the pure Google idea, but the Atrix has Tegra 2 and 1gb of RAM. Which would you get? Keep in mind the Atrix has the infamous MotoBlur software.


asked Sep 29 '11 at 00:58

bayareacat's gravatar image


I would hold off on the Nexus S, but instead wait for the "Nexus Prime" that's coming sometime in October.

Between Atrix 4G and Nexus S I would go with the Atrix 4G.
If you dislike MotoBlur so much you can just install CM7 on it. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1257574
Plus it has an official recovery in Rom Manager.

However I think the Nexus Prime will triumph over both of them.

answered Sep 29 '11 at 01:23

PhantomGamers's gravatar image


Good answer, thanks. I hear the Prime will "boast" a 4.5 to 4.65" display, which to me is the exact opposite of a "boast". I want to be able to hold it in one hand!

(Sep 29 '11 at 01:53) bayareacat bayareacat's gravatar image

you'll get used to it.. I have small hands and when I first got my iPhone 3.5" I could barely hold it, then I got the HTC DHD 4.3" and I can barely hold it but now I can.. Soon I'll probably be holding a 10" tablet in one hand

(Sep 29 '11 at 02:44) Yarvaxea Yarvaxea's gravatar image


I don't like the huge display, I'll pass.

(Oct 24 '11 at 01:19) bayareacat bayareacat's gravatar image

If you want to multitask with out running into memory issues or random apps closing, make sure you have 1GB RAM

If you have 512MB RAM, android can use nearly half of your RAM, This can cause issues if you want to use a browser with many tabs opened while listening to music and also running a few network tools, then you want 1GB or more if possible.

answered Sep 29 '11 at 02:48

Razor512's gravatar image


From my experience, the stock browser takes up the most ram when you open a lot of tabs. It's a different case if you use Opera Mobile though. That thing runs so smoothly on my old Nokia phone with Symbian and only 64mb of ram. The only problem with using Opera mobile on Tegra2 tablets or phones, 480p videos on Youtube seems to lag a little.

answered Oct 24 '11 at 05:51

Billy%20Aoki's gravatar image

Billy Aoki

I have Opera Mobile on my iPod Touch, iPad, and Samsung Infuse, and I have the same problem with each one. Almost half the pages (for example Google) have extremely simple 90s-esque HTML pages, and you can tell they're definitely not what Google wants you to see... do you have this problem?

(Oct 25 '11 at 01:27) bayareacat bayareacat's gravatar image
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