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I'm gonna install ubuntu, but an OS is useless without programs. so give me a list of yours. from the most useful to the least as many as possible? cause i'll google them to try Ubuntu.. thanks!

asked Sep 29 '11 at 21:54

xedric14's gravatar image


Comes with Firefox, Openoffice, a free cd or dvd burner. Some games already installed when you get the installation done. Usually with Each version of Ubuntu. They give you some stuf already installed in. Like what I have mentioned So you would not need to go over the net to find them. If you take a look on Ubtuntu web site they give some info of what comes with it there.

answered Sep 29 '11 at 22:15

Compucore's gravatar image


It comes with some programs, lets say you need word processor, you need make presentations, ect you have already Libre office included...

Programs that i additionally install are BlueFish Editor, Gimp and additional drivers.

answered Sep 30 '11 at 04:25

Ivan%20Tomica's gravatar image

Ivan Tomica

is there a site where I can find drivers for Ubuntu? Ubuntu Drivers seemed to my BIGGEST problem. :(

(Sep 30 '11 at 04:34) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

if you are using Ubuntu 11.04 then go to "ubuntu dash" something like start menu and type additional drivers, and open that program, if nothing shows up in that program then everything is ok. but it is good thing to check that...

(Sep 30 '11 at 04:46) Ivan Tomica Ivan%20Tomica's gravatar image

Use AlternativeTo to get a rough idea of what programs you can install to replace your Windows-based ones.

answered Oct 01 '11 at 03:46

jwonno's gravatar image


ohh!! thanks!

(Oct 01 '11 at 04:04) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

I've read a blog saying Ubuntu is free. but by having Ubuntu, it induces you to buy Not-free softwares. that is why the blog said that ubuntu isn't really free.

  1. I'm on a laptop, so i'm also concerned whether Ubuntu will work for me. since when I bought the laptop it's drivers are for Windows 7, and when I checked the site, they've only provided for XP and 7.

  2. Is there Ubuntu version of Office? I seem to can't live without it.

answered Sep 30 '11 at 04:13

xedric14's gravatar image


bdw. I'm planning to use WUBI installer if that makes a difference.

(Sep 30 '11 at 04:25) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

oh youre on wubi, than you don't need any drivers... i think. :/

(Sep 30 '11 at 04:46) Ivan Tomica Ivan%20Tomica's gravatar image

Ooohh... okay., gud luck for me.. anyway what's your Ubuntu Antivirus?

(Sep 30 '11 at 04:51) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

yoou don't need antivirus on linux based os, i doubt in existance of one... :)

(Sep 30 '11 at 05:10) Ivan Tomica Ivan%20Tomica's gravatar image

but is there an antivirus for linux based OSes?

you see, it's open source and an OS no matter what, and I feel that it can be targeted by criminals, and so I don't feel secure.

(Sep 30 '11 at 05:28) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

it is secure. most secure os out there. Linux have very big community and whenever something goes wrong they fix that within day. so don't worry, on windows first thing you have to worry are viruses, but on Linux, that is last thing you should worry about

(Sep 30 '11 at 07:06) Ivan Tomica Ivan%20Tomica's gravatar image

If you were to run an antivirus, I would recommend this one: http://www.clamav.net/lang/en/download/packages/packages-linux/

I've used it in the past and it has always worked for me, this is mainly because I dual boot and have actually had to get rid of virus's on my Windows partition, ClamAV works very well for that kind of thing!

(Sep 30 '11 at 13:06) Hugo Hugo's gravatar image

oh!! so you're using Linux as a Windows Cleaner then? since virus won't work with Linux, you boot Ubuntu, clean the PC and voila! no more windows virus! cool.

(Sep 30 '11 at 13:34) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image
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Well I'm using openoffice.org, Mozilla, Skype, Opera.

answered Sep 30 '11 at 07:34

marksmit's gravatar image


you mean, only office and web browsing? I have adobe products in my Windows, can't I use them? it seems Ubuntu has very few programs. :(

(Sep 30 '11 at 09:13) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

no you can't use them , you will need to find free and open source alternative. Photoshop=Gimp , Dreamweaver=BlueFish Editor , Premiere=PiTiVi, Illustrator=Inkscape ....

(Sep 30 '11 at 10:08) Ivan Tomica Ivan%20Tomica's gravatar image

got it. thanks!

(Sep 30 '11 at 12:57) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

Dreamweaver CS3 works fine under wine (first hand), some versions of photoshop do too.

I'd do a test drive to see if they run under Wine before giving up. Install wine and then install the application using the .exe file like you would in windows and it will install like in windows. I only ever found I got some slight graphical glitches now and again.

Check the wine compatibility list.

(Sep 30 '11 at 19:31) SignOff SignOff's gravatar image

yes but problem is that you can't run original , and that makes you pirate. :)

(Sep 30 '11 at 19:33) Ivan Tomica Ivan%20Tomica's gravatar image

oh. thanks for the info. @Ivan: you mean, Wine is illegal? and why would it be wrong if I install my legal copy on my own machine? only there's a different OS?

(Oct 01 '11 at 00:31) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

Wine is not illegal. It is only illegal if you are under the age of 18--- if you are running a pirated copy of a program. You can install any Adobe products through Wine if you have the CD key and have a legitimate license.

(Oct 01 '11 at 00:58) Hugo Hugo's gravatar image

cut the joke man, i didn't understand a thing. lol. and clarify it please.

you mean, wine's illegal only if you have an illegal copy of wine? or does wine bypass the authenticating measures of a program that's why it's illegal?

and is wine only for adobe?

(Oct 01 '11 at 01:38) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

NOOOO, wine is piece of Open source software which allows you to run some software from windows on linux. and please @Hugo, if you manage to install original copy of Adobe CS3 or later on Linux then you have to show me that. :)

(Oct 01 '11 at 05:43) Ivan Tomica Ivan%20Tomica's gravatar image
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