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I've recently spawn an interest into the X-Files, and am currently on Season 3 Episode 3. I have noticed the "competition" and "rivalries" between the FBI and other agencies such as the DOD. Now, I know that this is just a show, and what is depicted in it doesn't equivalently match real life (it's about aliens and UFOs), but I wanted to know if you think government agencies actually go against each other and have this underlying hatred for each other.

asked Oct 01 '11 at 12:31

Daniel%20Brown's gravatar image

Daniel Brown

Maybe to a lesser degree.. But they rely on eachother to work properly. FBI uses the CIA and CIA needs the cover of FBI to work properly. Both uses the NSA heavily. But whereas FBI deal more with crimes, CIA is composed of agents and spies. And NSA is occupied by wire tapping the whole world -.-

answered Oct 01 '11 at 12:54

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