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I love Google Chrome, among other things the ability to strip the gui to bare essentials. I don't even use the bookmarks bar.

I do all my bookmarking from all browsers on all computers using a Delicious.com account. On my OSX machines, through and including Snow Leopard, there was a functioning icon on my main Chrome toolbar just to the left of the Preferences wrench icon, and all you had to do was click it, and a little "save bookmark" window opened for you to specify how the "bookmark" should look in your Delicious list. Then click "save" in that little window, and you're done.

But with the (latest) Chrome version running in Lion, the little "save bookmark" window opens, but there is a "Loading" message and, you guessed it, it just never stops. The thing is technically an Extension and it appears to be enabled, with no warnings evident, but obviously it's not working.

Any help available?

asked Oct 07 '11 at 03:09

mvbmac's gravatar image


I get this on Windows XP.

(Oct 10 '11 at 01:45) damo damo's gravatar image

Have you tried reinstalling the add-on in chrome? That sometimes help. Also check for updates as they usually frequently update them to fix some bugs in the programs. If all else fail you should contact the maker of the add-on and inform them of the bug that you are experiencing.

answered Oct 10 '11 at 02:41

Techgeek564's gravatar image


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