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So far Nintendo are the only company to have finished developing (probably some tweaks left) a new console set to ship next year without any real news that Microsoft or Sony are in actual development of a brand new console. The Wii U controller looks very interesting and to me is much more appealing as a console than the Wii ever was. From a gamer's point of view the hardware in the Wii U brings it up to par with the competition and is what the Wii should've been from the start, much like the 360 slim over past designs. But no one can fault Nintendo's marketing plan for the Wii having sold such huge amount of hardware even though both the PS3 & 360 had a head start http://nexgenwars.com/ just check out these numbers! Compared to Sony's marketing plan for example which was a gamble, with an underpowered console they've achieved alot with it and changed the industry for some time to come and the way we game. But here's the point, the Wii was completely underpowered for gamers to really take it seriously as their prime console, something that need's a novelty to keep you amused, so can we now class the Wii U as truly 'next gen'?

For me it's a yes and no answer. In the sense that it's the next generation of console for Nintendo yes, but for the gaming industry, that's a no from me. The Wii U has caught up with the competition hardware wise but it's done it too late in the game in my eyes because of course, as the subject denotes, we're all now anticipating the true next gen leap in consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Which as i'm sure we all hope, will dwarf their present consoles which would evidently do the same with the Wii U because it came too late. But there is the saving grace for the Wii U in the meantime in that their new controller is just that, new, something different for now at least to spark fresh excitement about gaming once again as they did with the Wii but as with the Wii, once the competition has reacted they'll have to be sure a novelty factor doesn't affect it's long term prospects. It'll be a sought of tablet to accompany your console for which i'm sure will have developers itching to play around with it in future games, as you may have heard it's attracted many developers and their franchises back to Nintendo.

However in my eyes this won't have quite the same impact as the Wii controller since the Kinect and Playstation Move (pfft) have already closed the door on the 'motion sensor war' between the consoles, i don't think this new controller will overshadow them especially the Kinect. I can see Sony and Microsoft perhaps making a cheap tablet style controller to with their next gen consoles perhaps having your home screen on there while playing so you can do two things at once and possibly to entice people to buy the real thing. From what i know Sony's plan for the PS3 was very long term, having made a significant loss on each console sold until recent slimmed down models they gambled to push Blu Ray into the market whilst the competition has invested in cheaper HD downloads/streaming. So i don't expect a new console until 2015 from Sony but they could start development from next year, taking their time to make it more cost efficient this time around. Microsoft i think will be the next to move with a console out i'd say by 2013, the 360 is the oldest of the three and has now been pushed to it's maximum to keep up with the PS3. To stay relevant as the PS3 is pushed further and further edging ahead of the 360 to stay relevant they must design a new console which given the timing will be at the forefront of the market and i hope (as i'm sure you do) will be more reliable that the 360. NO RED RING OF DEATH PLEASE! lol

What are you thoughts on this and have you heard any news on Microsoft or Sony being in development of a next gen console other than blind rumours, something actually backed up with say an internal source?

asked Oct 11 '11 at 04:31

mutley2209's gravatar image


edited Oct 11 '11 at 04:35

anyone heard anything?

(Oct 12 '11 at 02:15) mutley2209 mutley2209's gravatar image

I don't want a new gen. I LOVE my 360 :D and I could never ask for more.

answered Oct 12 '11 at 02:24

bayareacat's gravatar image



yep love my 360 too, had two so far the original and now the slim (thing i like about the slim is that they didn't want to call it that but everyone wouldn't stop so they changed it lol) and planning on my third. I'll trade mine towards the new R2D2 limited edition coming out soon which should mean paying a small difference and getting badass new xbox m/(^^,) If you love your's now though, think about what a supped up one will be like, faster, more memory, big hard drive (i'd be quite shocked if it didn't since that's all they seem to push these days), even better graphics and hopefully no RED RING OF DEATH or faults the original had. As long as it's backward compatible then i'll be pretty chuffed when they finally do announce it.

One thing is for sure though is that this year there was a series of job listings on the Microsoft website (see Engadget http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/08/microsoft-goes-on-a-hiring-spree-for-new-xbox-hardware-devs-sta/), looking for hardware engineers, specifically Xbox-capable hardware engineers, to join a team that's currently, "defining and delivering next generation console architectures". That would very much appear to be the smoking gun of console rumour confirmation.

(Oct 13 '11 at 00:10) mutley2209 mutley2209's gravatar image

I still have the very original 20GB Pro version, had it since I had was 10 years old! The power supply died once but no problems since then. I think I might sell my iPad 1 for a new 360 though.

(Oct 13 '11 at 02:14) bayareacat bayareacat's gravatar image

Nintendo is basically catching up tech wise with the other systems as there is still a lot of life left in them. Personally the Wii U looks like a parody, shall have to wait and see.

answered Oct 13 '11 at 00:43

Xiro's gravatar image


i read i dont remember ware that the xbox 3 (code name Xbox Thunder) is infact a working peice of hardware bothe EA and Bioware has them but im am yet to confirm this so dont quote me i could very well be wrong

on the flip side ive seen nothing about a PS4 from sony well ive heard that sony is yet to decide if there going to even do a PS4

answered Oct 13 '11 at 03:06

Josh_Noel's gravatar image


That's interesting. i'll have to look that up! I wouldn't be surprised if their perhaps using the Graphics card Microsoft will use for it, some might say that's not even on the table because why use a 2011 graphics card in a 2013 machine. Well, how about cost? And if they can push five year old graphics technology to produce graphics like Rage i'm sure that a 2011 card used in it will do a good job for years afterwards as well.

As for Sony, like i say they'll be the last to commit to anything, they were loosing a couple hundred on each console up until the first slim even then i'm not sure they actually started making a profit until recently. Much like the PS2, Sony made no money on the console itself for the first two years or so. The only money they made during that time was off accessories and licensing but considering PS2's still sell, they've done well of it and i expect they'll follow the same strategy with the PS3 out of pure necessity mainly down to the knock they take from Blu Ray. But Sony being Sony they like to try and corner the market early as they tried with mini disc and failed, Blu Ray is struggling but i don't think it'll be beaten out by HD downloads so they're safe on their investment there. Personally, if i were them, now they have shifted so many Blu Ray's through the PS3 and Blu Ray players i'd not include it in the next one but allow a third party to develop an external cross platform player. They'd make a hefty profit from one as anyone using a Wii U or the next Xbox could buy one undercutting the HD downloads both other platforms are committed too.

(Oct 13 '11 at 03:53) mutley2209 mutley2209's gravatar image
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