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I'm currently running a HP Pavilion p6510y (P6000 series) with both an integrated ATI HD 4200 and a dedicated HD 4650 I added into the PCI-E slot. Is there any way to be able to have both enabled at the same time, for such use as having a VGA output and a DVI output?

asked Oct 16 '11 at 22:06

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answered Oct 16 '11 at 22:15

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I've seen an MSI notebook. it has both an AMD 1gb dedicated graphics AND an Intel integrated Graphics with negative 256MB of ram. yes NEGATIVE

now I don't know how MSI did it, but it was configured that way when my friend bought the laptop. it's great to play the latest DirectX11 games there, but there are problems when we play Old/Legacy games such as Counter Strike 1.3 , Yuri's revenge and Red alert.

CS 1.3 reported that the PC has less than 0kb of memory in its video card so it won't launch. Yuri's and Red alert were also both not working. as the only thing we can see is its background. -no buttons, no video clips. but we can "press" the button when we click it.

a good advantage to that is I think you can assign which graphics card to use for a specific app. which helps a lot.

sorry for relating my problem to yours and not really answering: what i'm saying is that such thing Exists. and its possible (but i'm not good with hardwares) so just keep your hopes up and maybe you can find a solution later...

answered Oct 16 '11 at 23:26

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AMD Switchable Graphics is what they've used. It uses the dedicated card only when needed, and swaps back to the integrated card when it doesn't need it.

Never are the two cards used simultaneously.

(Oct 17 '11 at 02:02) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

If you want to use both outputs, I did it once before. There is some form of option in the BIOS, but it requires you to set the onboard as the primary Graphics. This has the potential to occasionally mess up some games, but most work with it alright. I think I had one issue on a single older game, but nothing on any others. I just don't know how well it gets managed by other applications.

Anyway, to enable this, you want something along the lines of:

BIOS; Advanced Chipset Settings Primary Graphics adapter Onboard - May be OGP, not 100% sure.

The following varies depending on the make of your board and the style of BIOS that was implemented on your board. You'd be be best referring to your motherboard's instruction manual for a more detailed guide.

answered Oct 17 '11 at 02:05

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Tim Fontana

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