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So the long wait is over and AMDs new Bulldozer architecture has finally hit the streets. I've been using AMD processors since my first computer so I've been longing for this update for quite a while. Call me a fanboy, whatever -.-

Sadly the performance of this chip is nowhere near what it should be. I upgraded my 1090T to a FX-8150 and I would say that most of the time performance is actually dropping. It seems when you cannot utilize all of the cores it just doesn't perform very well. When I encoded a video it performed great! Even faster than my brother 2600K. But in application that use only a couple of threads it's lacking severely. Also it's not as great an overclocker as AMD says it is. My 1090T was running at 4.5GHz with a Corsair H100 cooler, I got the 8150 up to 4.7GHz before getting too hot. Bear in mind that the 8150 stock speed is 3.6GHz vs the 3.2GHz of my 1090T.

For servers sure it's a great CPU, but for desktops? I would rather go with the Phenom X6 series or even jump unto Intel. It's sad to say this but the next time I buy a CPU it might be the Intel Ivy bridge =/

So what are your thoughts on it?

asked Oct 21 '11 at 00:57

Yarvaxea's gravatar image


Looks like good architecture and and a nice achievement.

But for now I'd hold back and wait till software can utilise this CPU better, at the moment I don't think we are seeing the full potential.

Want a new AMD system right now? Get a phenom 2 x4 / x6 for video editing/high gaming or for a non-gamer/light gamer go for llano.

answered Oct 21 '11 at 07:17

SignOff's gravatar image


edited Oct 21 '11 at 07:25

I certainly hope that software gets more multithreaded in the future. The design is revolutionary but I don't think it lives up to what AMD says, which is just a shame =/

(Oct 21 '11 at 14:04) Yarvaxea Yarvaxea's gravatar image
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