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I think that since we could have our data in the cloud and computer hardware is getting smaller we could eventually just be carrying iPad like devices for use as computers. For applications involving a ton of processing you could allow the server in the cloud to run the program and simply stream the visual information and essentially use your tablet as the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

asked Oct 25 '11 at 23:32

BenjaminL96's gravatar image



If companies can manage to make the mini pc more powerful then I could foresee the big desktop being relegated to the minority. People want the power of a desktop without the power draw or size while keeping a decent sized screen.

Although I often forget how big the PC gaming market is (scratches head)

I'm still not quite convinced with security of the cloud yet for storing sensitive or personal data.

Music, videos & gaming I could easily see being fully cloud based as I myself have a lot of music on my home server, yet I end up listening to music via youtube or last.fm.

I own a laptop, but hardly use it. I only use my laptop if I need a computer for something when I can't use my home PC & that the keyboard is nicer for essays than my PC keyboard.

For some people the tablet is a viable PC replacement if you mostly work on the web or use web applications, the type of people who would buy a chromebook.

At the moment people buy the laptop because it's cheap and all in one that is idiot proof to setup with only a few wires.

Typical tablet only owners at the moment will have a tablet and an internet enabled TV.

When I'm at home I like to use my desktop because I can lock myself in a wall of sound and get on with what I need to do and when I come out my hair is on fire and I have a light in my eyes that says "I've completed something fantastic"

Remember that the computer is just the tool. You don't need a big hammer to crack a small nut.

answered Oct 27 '11 at 20:27

SignOff's gravatar image


N. I own both. I sometimes use my tablet but I sometimes need a laptop to get things done. Tablets are good and they can do a lot but if I want to write a report or make a presentation they do not do that too good right now. (I know there might be a few apps I am missing that can do this well, if so please comment with links!) I usually take my laptop to school because I am able to get more done with it compared to when I just take my Galaxy Tab (10.1).

Over time though I think tablets might be more preferred compared to laptops as they become more like full computers.

I am also tying this on my laptop. :P

answered Oct 27 '11 at 10:36

Madison%20Tries's gravatar image

Madison Tries

Not likely for at least the near future.

Tablets are a complementary device not a laptop replacement & most especially not a desktop replacement.

My intention isn’t to denigrate tablets in the least, They’re just hyped & marketed beyond realistic expectations & this hype gives the average consumer unrealistic expectations when they purchase & than use a tablet.

Tablets undoubtedly have uses but not as a laptop nor desktop replacement.

Personally, I see tablets being most useful for example for college students or mobile professionals who need a device that’s light & highly mobile that allows them to create & store documents such as term papers, spreadsheets & business reports.

The power of desktops still have many high end applications in the areas of gaming & high end multimedia productions as just two examples.

answered Oct 27 '11 at 08:36

BlazeEagle's gravatar image


i don't think so. people doing work like typing or autocad or something prefer a physical mouse and keyboard over any touchscreen device. yea you can connect a physical keyboard via bluetooth but its just not practical. i would say though that since more data and processing can be done in the cloud then laptops like the macbook air or the ultra books will be the normal laptops probably in the near future. they can be just as powerful as the bigger laptops with ally he computing in the cloud and you won't need to worry about the hard drive space either because that can all be in the cloud as well.

answered Oct 26 '11 at 06:24

GilOsborne's gravatar image


I think that they will all continue to have their markets. I will always have a PC, for example. But I could see myself using a tablet rather than a laptop for when I'm away from the PC (I have yet to buy one however).

I also know people that love laptops and always buy them instead of PCs. For them, usually, a tablet is a waste of money.

I think they will all exist for a very long time.

answered Oct 26 '11 at 02:11

AlanStryder's gravatar image


hmm eventually it will probably but I don't think it's nowhere near around the corner. If everyone in the world would start using cloud servers for processing we would need an extreme increase in the performance of said servers. And as @Compucore says it's definitively not desired.

answered Oct 26 '11 at 00:29

Yarvaxea's gravatar image


I don't think so personally. I still feel the need to have a desktop to do what I need to do at the office as a programmer and technician. And have a stable desktop computer at home. And a laptop when need be when I have to go to a clients place or bring with me if I am out of the office going somewhere where I may not have access to my regular computer. So tablet right for me to do what I do as a tech and a programmer would not be a good choice to have. Maybe for a diversion for something that I did not need to use my desktop or laptop. But otherwise replacing my machine desktop or laptop for remote things away. Not a chance.

answered Oct 26 '11 at 00:24

Compucore's gravatar image


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