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I just got the new iphone 4s and was planning to sell my own 3g on a mobile recycling sight thingy... I reset all settings and erased all content from the settings app on the phone. Since then all it does is show me the apple logo for a while before rebooting again. How can i fix this? I cant take it into an apple shop and i need it to be working so i can sell it.

asked Oct 28 '11 at 05:56

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1.Check to see if your iphone has battery power. iPhones will shut off, just like any device, if there is no battery life. You can check this by plugging your iphone into a power source (ie your computer through a USB or through a USB jack connector). 2.If the battery has life, you might need to do a restore 3.An iPhone may keep turning off because the battery dies too quickly. Three quick ways to reduce battery burn are below: a.Make sure your iPhone is in airplane mode while traveling without reception. b.Make sure your iPhone auto-locks after 1 minute or less and is not set to the “never” option. http://www.bidanswer.com/Questions/QuestionInfo_5535.html, hope this link helpful

answered Nov 07 '11 at 01:57

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seems like you have crashed the os of your phone. download the [ipsw][1] file and restore it from itune.

answered Nov 06 '11 at 18:28

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edited Nov 06 '11 at 18:33

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kevin ♦♦

restore it in iTunes............

answered Nov 07 '11 at 00:11

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