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Hi There,

My phone upgrade is coming up soon and I am not sure which phone to get.

It is between the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.

The Samsung is £200 but the Sony Ericsson is £100. Is the Samsung really worth the extra £100?

Thanks in advance.


asked Oct 28 '11 at 13:46

Louis%20Jenvey's gravatar image

Louis Jenvey

Get the one with android 4 update.

answered Oct 29 '11 at 22:50

facsi's gravatar image


While I like the specs of the SGS2, I really like the interface of the Xperia Arc S. So, it's hard for me to choose, too.

answered Oct 29 '11 at 23:05

Billy%20Aoki's gravatar image

Billy Aoki

I havent had the Arc S but I have had the original Arc since it was released and ive also had the galaxy S2 for some time. (I gave the arc to my wife after buying the S2 so I still have both to compare). I think using the original arc is a good comparison as the Arc S has very few improvements.

The good things about the Arc are the screen and the camera, The camera is superior to the Galaxy in my opinion (only for stills, video on the arc is 720p the galaxy is 1020p), particularly low lighting level shots. The screen is better when viewing movies as to me the galaxy always looks over saturated and text appears sharper on the Arc which is a bonus when reading books or browsing the net. The arc screen has a slightly higher resolution but it has a worse viewing angle than the galaxy which is the screens only let down.

Thats where the good things stop though. The galaxy is far superior in speed and app storage. The arc only has just over 300mb of storage where as the galaxy has around 1.5gb. If you plan on installing any gameloft games or apps that dont support native apps2sd then you will run out of storage very quickly on the arc. I dont think this is something they have improved with the Arc S, as far as I know the app storage space is exactly the same as the original.

I also find the arc runs out of ram very quickly, particularly if using a memory intensive app such as a game or the internet browser. When exiting these apps it would have to reload the home launcher which usually caused some apps in the app drawer to go missing, usually resulting in me having to force close the launcher to get them back. This bug has been present since it was released and it still hasnt been fixed, even with several updates. This can be overcome by using a third party launcher such as Go or launcher pro, but if you like using Sony Ericsson widgets such as timescape then you have to stick with Sony Ericsson home. The arc can become laggy too, particularly if it is syncing data, sometimes it grinds to a halt if it gets busy, particularly if opening the camera. Ive had times where it took 30 seconds for the camera to open and then it didnt save any of the pictures I took. A reboot always fixes it, but its annoying as you can lose the moment you wanted to capture. I have read that this has been fixed on the Arc S because of the extra Ram, but I cant confirm this. None of this is present on the galaxy however, I can run live wallpapers, loads of widgets and home screens and there is no noticeable lag when opening and using any apps even when apps are installing in the background or data is syncing.

Now, keep in mind this comparison is with the original Arc, the new one has slightly more Ram and the processor runs faster (the original can be overclocked to match this as its the same processor) but from what ive read, it still doesnt bring it on par with the other phones out there such as the galaxy. Rooting to help with moving apps to SD and overclocking can help bring it closer to the galaxy, but its still not good enough for me and your warranty is void as soon as you do it (possibly)

One thing to consider when looking at price is the internal storage. The Arc has very little but the Galaxy come with 16gb internal storage. If you need this amount then you will save money on not needing to buy another memory card. If you already have a large memory card or you dont need much storage then this isnt an issue.

I have to say I still love both phones. In my opinion, if the camera is a high priority to you and you like to watch movies on your phone, then the Arc is the better choice particularly when looking at price. But if speed is your thing and app storage is a high priority then dont even consider the Arc, you will regret it, the galaxy is definitely worth the extra £100 for this.

answered Oct 30 '11 at 03:14

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edited Oct 30 '11 at 03:53

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