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I've used the Chrome OS and I am not that quite fond of it. But I was just wondering if that Google released the Android OS for PCs that Microsoft and Apple would be in for some competition. I would rather run Google's Android on a computer rather then the Chrome OS as we would also not be tethered to the internet when need be.

And in my personal opinion, yes...after some of the OS bugs are cleaned within Android. Android has a lot of potential and that is easially seen in the smartphone market. And also it can be seen with Google TV now having it's own Android marketplace. With Android not just are you open, but if you had Android for standard PCs you could see Microsoft lose a substantial share of the market in some places...especially the home. Would be nice to have computers that have optional hard drives, but built in flash that stores the Android OS.

asked Nov 10 '11 at 22:30

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edited Nov 10 '11 at 22:41

Android already can be run on a PC as demonstrated here by running the ISO on a live CD/USB or running it in a virtual machine. It's a fun novelty for a while but I'm not sure I'd want to have it as my main OS

answered Nov 11 '11 at 04:32

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