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How do you balance your priorities and hobbies? Questions: What is your hobby? What are your priorities? How do you balance them? and what advice would you give someone that has trouble balancing out?

asked Nov 29 '11 at 22:43

Caelan's gravatar image


Your question caught my interest. Well it's also because I'm bored and all the questions that has no answers are questions that I can't answer haha.

Moving on, so my hobby, computers. Anything related to computers from software development to graphic designing to video effects and even building my own computers. I'm someone who likes to mess around with things, occasionally things go wrong and I try to fix them, thus getting experience and providing technical support for my neighborhood charging only a nominal fee, sometimes even free! I like tech and no doubt I get hyped and keep an open ear out on the latest gadgets and tech, I run a tech blog part time, and I am considering providing remote tech support. So I can't really tell you what my hobby is, all I can say, anything that is tech!

I'm 15 years old, so you probably can guess, my priority is studies. I am in Secondary School (I think it's High School in the States). Next year I have a big exam coming up so I can't mess around so much. My priority is to finish my Secondary School, continue to college and I would like to get my Masters in Logistics. Maybe I'll be getting a degree in Computer Science if I am able to. That's my priority and it is going to eventually decide how my life is going to be in the future.

Having a blog, having to listen to news on tech and providing technical support requires dedication. I simply don't make promises on my blog, have an email specially for tech news so I don't have to be on twitter and my RSS feed 24/7, and I simply stop taking in cases when I have a lot in my hands or I know I'm going to be busy the next week. So the email helps me save a lot of my time, I am not obligated to publish out tech news 2 seconds after it's out, because I didn't promise to, and tech support doesn't take much time since I only take a maximum of 5 machines at any one time, and I finish remote support as I receive it unless it needs follow ups which I keep a maximum of 10. So having that gives me enough time for my studies, of course it needs to be in sync and if something goes wrong everything becomes hell on earth, that's the only drawback.

Now, in the advice aspect, I can't give much since I don't know what your hobby is and how time consuming it is. So I am just going to say this, to help you out (or whoever is having trouble balancing their time). Do whatever you love to do, carry out your hobby in your free time, but if priority comes in the picture, drop it. Make your priority your number one thing in life and you can't and shouldn't give no for an answer to it. That's why it's called priority. With what you have given me, that's probably the only thing I can say to you, at least safely say to you, I do not like to be flamed by an angry mob.

Cheers, Aaron

answered Dec 07 '11 at 10:12

AlphaMike's gravatar image


I used to had problems balancing out my priorities. Its pretty simple you don't do your hobbies or what you enjoy for fun, until your priorities are done for that day. Do not allow your hobbies to be your main priorities.

My priorities is just pretty much passing all my college classes with a 3.25 plus gpa. My hobbies range from sports, to gaming to tech.

answered Dec 07 '11 at 11:17

James161324's gravatar image


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