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Hello everyone,

I ordert a new server, but there is no cd drive so i want to install windows server 2008 R2 from usb. After i searched on google and tried different options i can't get it to boot from USB. Does anyone has experience an can help me.


asked Dec 03 '11 at 13:30

msmit1993's gravatar image


You can try an external CD drive... you can buy one cheap off of eBay

answered Dec 03 '11 at 21:10

Ztag100's gravatar image


Sure an external CD drive is useful, but he just needs it to install the OS. I don't thing it's worth going out and getting a CD drive just for that. Unless he uses other computers without drives, but other than that I wouldn't recommend to buy one.

I've used the method above and it work, let em have a go at it. Although I suppose buying one will be a last resort...

(Dec 03 '11 at 21:14) AlphaMike AlphaMike's gravatar image

I would argue your comment, I have an external CD drive (originally for installing the OS) and I am very glad I bought it.

Some of my older computer don't have USB boot support, but support a USB external CD drive. Plus, you will always have 100% compatibility compared to USB methods which may or may not work (I have spent hours and hours with no luck with USB flash drives)

Also, It's nice to have an external CD drive incase you would ever need it for some other reason. For example, my dad purchased a new Macintosh Air, and it didn't come with a CD drive. I needed the CD drive to do a re-install of the OS. Also, many programs needed the CD drive to install (Although I then backed up the .iso files on my fileserver in case he needed them again).

So yes, it might seem like a waste of money but it's a device that is sure nice to have.

(Dec 04 '11 at 13:39) KylePolansky KylePolansky's gravatar image

Ok, I'm assuming you have a computer that has a CD drive. (Different computer, not server) Follow the steps below.

  1. Insert CD (I'm going to assume your disk drive is D:\
  2. Insert USB and format to FAT32 (You can use the default settings Windows give, and I assume your USB is at K:)
  3. Run Command Prompt

Ok, your almost set, All you need to do is just type the commands below into Command Prompt

d:bootbootsect.exe /NT60 h:

xcopy d:*.* /s /e /f h:\

After that, you should be able to boot from the USB, of course it depends on your BIOS settings as well. Feel free to comment down below my answer if you require further assistance.

Cheers, Aaron

answered Dec 03 '11 at 20:57

AlphaMike's gravatar image


edited Dec 03 '11 at 20:58

I'm going to try to boot tomorrow.

i tried

d:bootbootsect.exe /NT60 f:

xcopy d:. /s /e /f f:\

it copied a lot of things i hope it works

(Dec 07 '11 at 15:01) msmit1993 msmit1993's gravatar image
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