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The 1.2.2 update to iMovie for iOS in October 2011 was supposed to bring additional format support to iMovie on iOS devices to allow importing of videos beyond just those recorded on iOS devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch). I have seen some online reports suggesting that flip cameras will work, but was wondering if anyone knows of any of the more traditional camcorders that will work with my iPad 2's camera connection kit and iMovie. I would really like to be able to shoot and do minor edits for youtube videos out in the field without lugging around an additional piece of equipment like a laptop.

Am I pretty much stuck using an iOS device or something like a cheap flip cam, or can anyone recommend some camcorders that will do the job, especially any that might have an external microphone input? HD is a plus (720 or 1080) but not an absolute deal breaker.

asked Dec 04 '11 at 01:11

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I actually found one that works!

The Aiptek Action-HD V5Z5FS (Action HD HDMI) records in H.264 using the MOV container. I recorded 5 second videos in 1080p (30f), 720p (60f), 720p (30f), WVGA, & QVGA and successfully imported all 5 video clips onto my iPad 2 via the Camera Connection Kit. All 5 video clips also imported into iMovie for iOS with no problem.

Even better is that the camcorder has decent functions including support for external microphone input. Not a bad deal for ~$150.

answered Jan 06 '12 at 21:20

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