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Title says all guys.


I'd be using the Macbook for video editing, website development and general computer usage.

asked Dec 09 '11 at 22:08

NathanY's gravatar image


SSD has no moving parts= faster performance, smaller drives

ATA drives, moving parts = slower performance, bigger drives

answered Dec 09 '11 at 22:09

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kevin ♦♦

Also, an SSD is more energy efficient.

(Dec 09 '11 at 22:14) Angelwork Angelwork's gravatar image

Thanks Alot! :)

(Dec 09 '11 at 22:18) NathanY NathanY's gravatar image

SSD = Solid State Drive a new technology for hard drive.

ATA = Advanced Technology attachment commonly known as IDE or EIDE when they came out and replaced the MFM, RLL, EDSI hard drives on earlier XT computers. And XT machines like the 286 on up to todays machines that are running Pentium, AMD processors. There is also on the more common motherboards SATA, Sata 2 and possibly Sata 3 drives. Some motherboards still have both EIDE and SATA drives connections on them so you can use either one or both of them on a typical Desktop/workstation. Or just IDE or SATA on Laptops computers.

answered Dec 09 '11 at 23:18

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