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After doing a Speed Test on SpeedTest.net I was happily surprised I have a 7.65MBps Download speed. This left me Confused, why have in ever had anything download that fast before via DirectDownload? The Fastest I have ever seen was about 900KBps. Why have I never seen download speeds this fast? Is there anything I can to to increase my Download speeds? What am I doing wrong?

asked Dec 22 '11 at 14:19

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edited Aug 07 '12 at 22:57

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Having a fast internet connection does not necessarily mean that you will get fast downloads. If the server where you are downloading the file can give you a lot of speed , you will download it fast , but even if you have the worlds fastest internet connection , you will still get slow downloads if the server can't give you a good speed.

Simple terms, they are not going to give you that big of a pipe from you and the server. The server has to handle other people also

answered Dec 22 '11 at 14:28

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the advertised internet speed that says something like upto 10MBps (upto being the key to selling, your could atcheive that but it's unlikely) is the same as selling a internet connection that is 1Mb download speed.

the capital letters (i haven't put them right as i'm not sure on the specifics around the) make the speed your getting the same, just written differently.

900KBps is really good for a 7.65 internet speed when testing, it's near enough the same thing just written differently.

answered Dec 22 '11 at 15:48

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Defragment your computer can load files faster Go to Computer or My Computer

  • Right click on your C drive
  • Click Properties
  • Select the Tools tab
  • Click Defragment Now
  • Optimize your Windows Registry
  • Use a TCP Optimizer
  • Search online to find the right one for you

Remember, your Internet connection provides a finite bandwidth capacity. The more files you try downloading at a time, the slower each download will be. To increase your download speed, you need to: -

  • Limit your number of downloads.
    • Try only downloading one file at a time. -Limit the number of programs running while you download.
    • Open internet browsers and other programs will slow your Internet speeds.
    • Only keep the programs open you absolutely need.
    • Disable add-on and extra tool bars.
    • Try downloading off peak hours (5 pm to 11 pm).
    • Try downloading when you are not using your computer for anything else.

answered Aug 28 '12 at 05:46

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there are several reason why speed vary s . the first is that you can only receive as fast as other machines can send .. you can if you have someone who is drinking soda you can pour 2 liters into there glass but you can only pour it as fast as they can drink it, on the other hand if they drink very fast they have to remember you can only pour as fat as the soda will move out of the bottle ..

add to that factor there is several thousand others that want soda from the same bottle all at the same time:)

ok so you can only so its 2 sided ,then your computer no matter how fast your onnection will only send and as much information as the available memory it has , some one with one GB of ram will not be able to receive and put back together as many packets at a time as some one with 6 GB of ram ..

the more things your computer is running and doing the slower it will get , the same with the number of people in the house using the same connection and router one will have more use then shareing with 2 or 3 or 4 ..

new routers today we buy even prioritize incoming and out going info , also if newer wireless router discover more then one route or other connection near you even if they are password protected but have less traffic it will start cutting some off and trying to reroute to the neighbors WIfi that is not in use to ease the load and speed up what it can provide which would leave some with no connection ...

keep in mind prioritizing is easy for router today all IPs address are flagged email having hi priority or top and black listed being known spam IP or torrent IPs wasted bandwidth that will always be lower and no priority .. both router and either card and computer work with ISP to prioritize internet traffic today its the only way to keep every thing going :)

in most countrys today this is all government regulated yes even in the US, internet access today is regulated as a public utility same as phone and lights infact much of out phone service is dependent on internet VOIP with out it phone service would be jammed to the point opf not being able to use , anyone old enough will remember the days just before broadband too over when internet was reaching peek making a phone call could be rough the recording that said were sorry all circuits are busy now become well known :)

answered Aug 28 '12 at 07:02

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I think you may be mistaking MB/s for Mb/s.

There is a difference. Internet speeds are measured, usually in Megabits per seconds, or Mbps.

Download speeds, on the other hand are usually measured in Kilobytes, or Megabytes, in some cases. This is MBps.

The capital B is what makes all the Difference, as one 'Byte' (Capital B) equals eight 'Bits' (Lowercase B).

If you could post an image of your Speedtest.net result, I will be able to tell you if my theory is correct or not, because from what I can tell, with the speeds you are reporting, it's highly likely that I am correct.

Hope this helped,


answered Aug 28 '12 at 07:30

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Tim Fontana

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