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I edited a video I took last night. Everything was fine until I go onto YouTube and select the file and it just freezes up the browser and crashes. I use Google Chrome as my default Browser but I tried this in Firefox and I got the same effect of it crashing. I have no clue what this problem could be! When I go and upload another file it uploads fine. Could it be something that doesn't want to make it upload? How can I fix this problem?

This is a picture of what happens when I upload a file to YouTube. This is FireFox but it does the same problem in Google Chrome

asked Jan 01 '12 at 14:11

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edited Jan 01 '12 at 14:14

Have you tried running a virus and spyware scan just to ensure you're not infected. Some malicious software could be interfering.

answered Jan 01 '12 at 17:32

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I have. I can upload other files fine but when it comes to this file it crashes

(Jan 01 '12 at 18:58) Studio66Designs Studio66Designs's gravatar image

It could also be due to the size of the file, the file format or the video quality. Youtube claim to allow video upload of upto 1080 HD. But that service is only limited to partners like Vevo. I suggest you lower down your HD to may be 720 to 360 for decent video quality. Viewable but Upload-able.

answered May 28 '12 at 02:18

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