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Is Google Copying Facebooks Idea? Which One Is Best To Use For Social Networking

Things Google Has

  • Photo's
  • Videos
  • Chat
  • Status Updates
  • Video Chat
  • +1 Button (like)
  • Pages
  • Apps/Games
  • Circles (groups of people)
  • Profile Page

Things Facebook Has

  • Photo's
  • Videos
  • Chat
  • Status Updates
  • Video Chat To People On Skype
  • Like Button
  • Pages
  • Apps/Games
  • Lists (groups of people)
  • Profile Page

They're Almost The Same!


asked Jan 03 '12 at 14:55

TechWiz3000's gravatar image


edited Jan 03 '12 at 14:59

Based on the UI, I think Google+ is more for geeky people.

answered Jan 04 '12 at 02:09

CyberTourniquet's gravatar image


I think that everyone has become attached to Facebook. EVERYONE has Facebook, not as many have Google+ and I don't think people are going to switch.

answered Jan 03 '12 at 18:02

Adjon5's gravatar image


It's also hard to get attached to Google products. Every time I turn around they take a product and discontinue it. How do we know Google+ isn't going to go away? Also, Google+ doesn't allow aliases yet, so if you want to make a profile on an identity you don't really reveal to people, that's not possible unless you use Google Pages.

answered Jan 03 '12 at 18:05

Duodave's gravatar image


I am not so sure why anyone worried about security is upset that G+ dont let you sign up with aliases you can be sure that I am who I say I am on G+ I not only had to sign up useing my real name I had to verify it with phone number and call to get a code to activate my account ...

not sure if signing up is like this now but whenI got my account I not only needed an invite I had to use my real name full time Email address and provide a phone number cell or land line get a call with a verbal code or text with a code to activate the new account ..

if I try to login to the account and fail a number of times bad password or user name the account is locked till I get a phone code to reactivate the account ..

(Apr 01 '12 at 23:29) jadtechnic jadtechnic's gravatar image

the biggest difference is the amount of users and it's a strong reason to why I don't use G+. I have an account which I created to follow celebrities, it's a little more interesting than Twitter, but now Facebook has similar features so I don't bother with it anymore.

answered Jan 04 '12 at 10:48

Yarvaxea's gravatar image


I really like the interface and Google account integration with Google+. Contact information of people in my circles can be used when typing an E-Mail for example. The +1 button also has a positive effect on search results. Also with my experience, Facebook has a lot more security flaws. There are only 2 complaints I have with Google+. The first is that the site isn't finished, and will probably never be finished. Google loves to tweak services and add new features. However, it feels some features just aren't in the service that you would expect, like hanging out on an iPhone. The biggest problem of Google+ is it's user base. The number of users is growing, but it seems that some people don't use the service that have accounts. There are a handful of my "real life friends" that have Google+ accounts, however many of them haven't filled out their profile or made any status updates. I was one of the first people to join Google+ in beta, so I have had the experience of watching people join (slowly). When I created a Facebook account, none of my friends had an account either. However, over the next couple of years, hundreds of my "real friends" have joined the service. I'm hoping that they will do the same with Google+

Also, I think to enjoy the full experience of Google+, you should use other Google products as your primary products for the specific task. With Facebook, all you do is social network, and nothing else. As I explained before, Gmail integrates with Google+ very nicely. Same with Picasa, YouTube, Google Docs, and many other services. It is very easy for a new user to pick up all these services with the creation of a single account. However, many people that already use other services will find the switch very hard. For example, my parents use Yahoo! for email, Facebook for social media, microsoft office for documents, and mostly just file system sharing for videos and pictures. Yahoo! does not support forwarding email (unless you pay), so getting them to use a gmail account is very hard. Many contacts on their userlist don't even know how to change a contact's email address. My parents also don't want to spend hours uploading and tagging and re-organizing all of their pictures and other files. Combine all of this with the slight learning curve, and the fact that none of their friends are using Google+, and they don't sign into Google until I ask them how they are liking it.

Some of you might disagree about using all of Google services, but it is the same with many companies. For example, you can run Windows applications on Macintosh, but running programs designed for the OS you are using is much better.

I'm really not sure why I'm typing all this, as probably no body will read it, but that's just my opinion of why I like Google+, but many people are having trouble using it. Many people skip the tutorials and won't accept that fact that social networking is more than likes, lists, and walls. Some people I know just stopped using Google+ just because it was "too complicated" and wouldn't even let me explain it to them. I really don't understand that method of thinking, I'm always open to try out a free service, but I guess not everyone is alike.

answered Jan 05 '12 at 00:25

KylePolansky's gravatar image


facebook is beter than google spellfail k thx bye

answered Apr 02 '12 at 01:11

newmooncheater10's gravatar image


Google+ is sharing of ideas. Facebook is sharing of status.

answered Apr 02 '12 at 02:03

Abel%20Luna's gravatar image

Abel Luna

Google + is good and has got to compete with facebook. Google may be copying facebook but i still love facebook and google +

answered Apr 02 '12 at 03:26

Daniel%20Colthart's gravatar image

Daniel Colthart

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