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What first triggered your interest in Computer Science or blogging and such? For me, it was with chat rooms about video games back in "the day" (haha). From then on from being on the computer , I had naturally started learning the components in a computer, and I had gained an interest. I now am QUITE knowledgeable in the area of computers and am now learning to be a programmer. Share?

asked Jan 03 '12 at 20:08

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Funny how I became a geek. Way back in 3rd grade we had to do a project where we made cereal box robots. My buddy had an uncle who worked with computers so he was given some dead hardware to add to that. I got to help him disassemble His and my first computer. When I first got to destroy circuitry was when I first got a spark in that. Later on I went on opening dead electronics and looking at the little circuit boards. Sure enough I started understanding what each component did. I started building circuits and started spending more time on the computer, gathering data and learning all my modern tricks and even getting all these accounts. Eventually I started working with PC hardware. My very first upgrade was a new graphics card, And that was just last year. (I'm 15) So it was quite a story that led up to today.

answered Jan 03 '12 at 20:27

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