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Hello there

I've recently "purchased" my first iPhone and I was wondering which kind of apps would slow down my iPhone.

(Purchased is between brackets because the company I work for actually paid half of it because I need a cellphone for work)

Currently I have purchased the TomTom western Europe app, some Van Dale dictionaries, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Shazam.

Are any of these applications harming my battery life and/or decreasing my iPhone's speed?

And what's up with the multitasking? It isn't actually multitasking is it? In my eyes it just freezes an app until I reopen it, am I correct here? So if I am then basically it wouldn't decrease the battery life and speed if I keep all my apps open there?

I also found this article about it: http://speirs.org/blog/2012/1/2/misconceptions-about-ios-multitasking.html

Thanks in advance!

asked Jan 07 '12 at 10:46

Glennos's gravatar image


No matter what, the more applications you have running, the more quickly your battery will drain and slow down your phone. It's good to close any open applications you don't use and with iOS 5, that's easy to do. Any 3D games or productivity apps along with 3G or WiFi required applications will be the drainers. Not saying you shouldn't get those, but you should understand that it's those kind of applications that you should use less when you aren't able to charge your phone for a long time to preserve the battery. Another quick tip to saving battery is to lower the phone's brightness when you use it and to close any application before putting your phone on sleep.

answered Jan 07 '12 at 13:45

windowstechtalker's gravatar image


But this is the short version of the story, where he states that besides the 5 sorts of application he mentions, there are no apps that would suck battery life or take more processor space when they are clicked away with the home button as they will be suspended shortly after it removed to background mode.

Why are people claiming that you have the clear the multitasking bar in order to save battery life and performance?

If I remember well this person works for Apple, can he be wrong?

Let me wrap this up by giving you a quick summary:

If someone tells you that all the apps in the multitasking bar are running, using up memory or sucking power, they are wrong. When you hit the home button, an app moves from Active to Background and quickly to the Suspended state where it no longer uses CPU time or drains power. An app may request an additional 10 minutes of Background running to complete a big task before becoming Suspended. If memory is becoming scarce, iOS will automatically move Suspended apps into the Not Running state and reclaim their memory. Five classes of apps - audio, GPS, VOIP, Newsstand and accessory apps - and some built-in apps such as Mail may run indefinitely in the background until they complete their task. Put simply: you do not have to manage background tasks on iOS. The system handles almost every case for you and well written audio, GPS, VOIP, Newsstand and accessory apps will handle the rest.

(Jan 07 '12 at 13:52) Glennos Glennos's gravatar image
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