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My internet connection drops out every time somebody calls from or receives a call on the landline phone. To restart it takes about 5 mins because i have to reboot the modem every time and that is extremely annoying. i have tried replacing the modem filters and that didn't seem to have any effect at all. Our internet connection is ADSL2+. Thanks

asked Jan 08 '12 at 21:19

untaken_screen_name's gravatar image


Maybe you have your filters on backwards? Did this happen since you hooked it up, or was it something that just started to happen out of the blue. If it randomly started to drop out when you got calls maybe you could be missing a filter on a phone.. or there is something up with your internet company.. (Just my 2 cents)

answered Jan 09 '12 at 07:37

matts417's gravatar image


i have talked to the isp and they must be sitting there bangin rocks together because they were of no use whatsoever. i don't think i could have my filter on backwards because it is a two way splitter (one input-two output). That brings me to my next quesion, do you think that it might be the fact that one of the output ports of the two way splitter is going to a fax machine/landline phone???

Thanks heaps for your input so far anyways, it means something to me that there are people out there who are genuinely helpful.

(Jan 10 '12 at 03:57) untaken_screen_name untaken_screen_name's gravatar image

alt text

QWest technician advised to install DSL In-Line Microfilters to resolve the frequent disconnects & Power Cycles. He explained it like noise building up on the line to a point of disconnect, then Power Cycles clear the line. Thank goodness these resolved my problem.

If your problems persist, it could be old phone wiring, distance to the dslam, co, etc.

answered Jan 09 '12 at 14:03

r0bErT4u's gravatar image


this is still turning out to be a tricky question to solve. the phone lines through my residents are relatively new as we have just moved in to a new house a little under a year or so and the area's lines have recently been updated to accommodate for adsl2+. i also already have a in line micro-filter installed on my line.

thanks anyways

(Jan 10 '12 at 04:00) untaken_screen_name untaken_screen_name's gravatar image

Which model of ADSL2+ is it a 2wire modem that your using or a brand name from Dlink or linkys modems?

answered Jan 08 '12 at 21:58

Compucore's gravatar image


it is a dlink modem. do you want the specific model?

(Jan 09 '12 at 00:52) untaken_screen_name untaken_screen_name's gravatar image
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