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Hi All...

Last June my brother emailed a holiday firm to postpone a holiday to Florida he had already booked. In response he received an ‘out of office’ reply to his email. He has just got in touch with the same holiday company to rebook the holiday. The company is saying it never received the email with the postponing content.

Now, the only thing he can find on this pc to confirm any of this, is his email postponing the holiday and the ‘out of office’ response he received back. The holiday firm is denying all knowledge of both of the emails. Unfortunately, his hotmail account has deleted some of the emails, and he cannot prove that any of the above happened. So the burning question is: is there any way he can restore or find old emails which have been deleted? He did not delete them, but seemingly Hotmail doesn’t hold onto emails unless you Save them.

I would be so very grateful for any light you could throw on this...I have googled it with no satisfactory results and bro is at his wits end!!! :-(

asked Jan 10 '12 at 09:55

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edited Jan 11 '12 at 06:13

One of two things happened. He deleted them or he let someone on his account and they deleted them. As long as the emails reside in your inbox, they won't be removed. I have emails from 2005 still in my inbox. I did nothing special like "save" them. They're just there. Hotmail will, on a routine schedule, empty your deleted files and your junk mail. You can send hotmail a request to look and possibly restore emails from a date range. No guarantees.

answered Jan 11 '12 at 09:34

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Thanks for your message... but sadly, he neither deleted them nor let anyone into his account. As with you, he has all the emails that he has received in the last 5 or 6 years, but the Sent ones have not been automatically saved. Hotmail was contacted, but they couldn't, or wouldn't do anything and had no explanation for what has happened. Good of you to respond though.

answered Jan 11 '12 at 13:21

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