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Personally my question came up after I got an offer e-mail for me to move back to CompuServe (god knows why that e-mail came to me in a forward...2 years late). I think AOL needs to drop several of the other names that they run as it just heightens the operating cost and work under one name. If someone wants to do something with their other services (CompuServe/Netscape) they should sell the rights to the name. (I'd buy the rights to CompuServe very quickly too!)

AOL also needs to think of moving away from just being an internet portal (I don't consider it an ISP anymore). E-Mail and IM is smart, maybe offer more services and partnerships between Google, Facebook, and more might help AOL regain a share in the market.

What do you think AOL might need to do for regaining the market again?

asked Jan 23 '12 at 15:55

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AOL 's days are over , aol for one thing was honestly never an internet provider it was always an over priced Bulletin broad and portal that offered internet mail as well you could load Usenet you could connect to at a price of $2.99 an hour before there day of fixed price unlimited service..

AOL thought they had there great big chance when they bought time warner only to Find Roadurnner had a strong hold on digital broadband service through time Warner ...

once web browsers like Netscape and explorer came about the days of the over priced bulletin board service like AOL , CompuServe and prodigy were over these mostly glorified graphic browser services i am very sure such companies like microsoft and Google would love for the AOL day to return imagine the $$ they cold be making charging everyone $2.99 an hour for every hour each computer had chrome or explorer running ..

answered Mar 31 '12 at 14:37

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