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Ok, I have a intel core 2 quad in my computer. And it runs at 3.5ghz Over clocked. But i was looking at an intel core i5. and i like to game on pc my quad core can hold a solid 60 fps on most games like Call of duty MW3 while recording with fraps... Should i get an i5? The quad core is at its max for over clocking. and i think in about 1 or 2 years its going to fall bellow for games that will later come out. So on that note should i get an i5?

asked Feb 02 '12 at 23:24

Maysen's gravatar image


If anything i think im going to go for the i5 2500

(Feb 02 '12 at 23:37) Maysen Maysen's gravatar image

All new technology getting old within one day due to new version always comes out. So going higher profile as you can is best thing I see.

I'm not saying that you need to go for i5 if your already owned system giving you best out of it still up to date.

But somehow It'z your decision;not mine.

Upgrade is good thing, finally.

answered Feb 03 '12 at 09:28

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Just be aware that you will almost certainly need to upgrade your motherboard too, so remember that is an extra cost...

answered Feb 03 '12 at 09:43

Lee%20Wood's gravatar image

Lee Wood

If what you have now still works fine don't upgrade yet. if you upgrade early your just going to get something that will be out dated faster. wait until what you have is outdated. by then the computer you would be getting early would then cost much less. and for the same price as you would spend now there will be something much more power for the same price later. so don't upgrade before you need to.

answered Feb 04 '12 at 15:16

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