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I do not know when I cached this virus all I know is some day I turned on my laptop and every link off google, bing, yahoo etc was redirecting me to mainly "buy this domain name" sites Please help and by the way I do not want to start messing around with terminal (Cammand prompt) ( cmd ) this is a windows virus and don't give me links for other sites either give me the address or post what the site says since the link might just mediashift to another "buy this domain" site -_- (feed up face)

asked Feb 11 '12 at 19:49

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I know you mentioned no links but if you don't have the programs already use another computer to download them and then move them over to the infected PC with either a USB flash drive or over our network. If you use the USB option make sure you didn't infect the USB device as well.

My fist steps would be to:

  • Run Microsoft Security Essentials and make sure it has been recently updated (hey it's free so why not give it a shot) and/or whatever other AntiVirus program you might have installed already
  • if that didn't work get the latest copy of Malewarebytes there is and run it
  • still didn't work then fire up RKill and use it to force stop any unwanted processes
  • run another full scan of Malwarebytes
  • If that doesn't work reboot into safe mode (press F8 at startup until the option becomes available) and try and repeat the RKill and Malwarebytes steps
  • Still didn't work? Get ComboFix and let it do it's magic and if it fails it will give you a lengthy log which you can post to one of their forums for further assistance form qualified log parsers.

If that doesn't work just wipe your hard drive and do a fresh install of Windows (I hope you have been doing backups on a regular basis).

If this is what you end up doing then you might as well set your security up right form the start and install a good antivirus suite. You are the first line of defense so don't browse blindly. If you get links that you are not sure of use a link scanner before clicking on the link. Google, Bing and/or Yahoo are your Friends. Use them to find out more about programs before downloading them.

Good Luck

answered Feb 11 '12 at 22:38

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