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From your experience, which Linux distribution is best for laptops in terms of wireless connectivity and power consumption?

I have only tried Ubuntu on my laptop and it sucked hard. It's so power hungry and the wireless connectivity dropped every now and then (especially 11n connections).

asked Feb 16 '12 at 08:02

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edited Aug 02 '12 at 05:04

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Fogarty ♦♦

xubuntu or something like Arch with the xfce ui. xfce is great for battery saving. You could also try lubuntu.

answered Aug 02 '12 at 13:10

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My favorite distro is Lubuntu, because it doesn't use any unnecessary resources which saves power and more importantly money! http://lubuntu.net/

Another distro that I am willing to recommend is Joli OS. It has a very simple UI, and doesn't have features that you'll never use. http://www.jolicloud.com/

Both of these are available as a bootable image so that you can test it before you install it.
If you are still having wireless issues, you should try moving to a distro like Fedora, Mint, or Debian.

answered Feb 16 '12 at 22:00

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edited Feb 16 '12 at 22:03

7 months later...

I tried Lubuntu. Pretty awesome and significant power-performance improvements but a little bloated for me just like Ubuntu. Needless to say, its memory footprint amazed me but its still not as lightweight as It should. A lot of tweaks can be made. Howver, you still combine the awesome features of ubuntu and the powerful community support.

Julicloud is so beautiful, light-weight and sexy but I felt like it was meant for Tablets and netbooks not, power laptops. Also, it utilizes the cloud for almost everything. Therefore, It needs a decent connection all the time which is not always an option especially when you are on the move.

I tried PuppyLinux which is extremely lightweight compared to any other linux distro. Literally! I would have stuck to it but what I disliked was its ugly UI and I had lots of trouble with some drivers and packages (even after terminal struggling and geekiness). Additionally, some stuff is wayyy outdated.

I'm currently using Crunchbang (Debain build) which is pretty decent imo. Its power consumption is slightly worse than puppy linux (current best). It's light-weight since it uses the OpenBox window manager and doesn't come with a lot of bloatware installed like Lubuntu Aaaand its based on Debian squeeze which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Its an advantage cuz its extremely stable and has the most popular and beefy repositories. The disadvantage is its based on squeeze. So, if you are a 'bleeding-edge' kinda person, it could get really boring since the stable repos are not that frequently updated.

I have recently discovered Fuduntu, SliTaz and Archbang which are all 'allegedly' super light-weight distros. Will be playing with them on my VMs for a while...

answered Jul 31 '12 at 22:32

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Try Mint or Gentoo. <--wasn't 25 chars.

answered Jul 31 '12 at 23:28

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I've Ubuntu installed on my 6+ years old laptop and it run smoothly! Installing was a breeze and no problems with battery or WiFi connection (other than my battery was already draining fast before I installed Ubuntu. I did notice Ubuntu running longer on battery than the previous installed XP tho)

answered Aug 01 '12 at 06:25

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same here i run ubuntu the latest update (and updating :P) on a Dell Latitude D560 runs nicely

(Aug 02 '12 at 01:36) jacobthriller1982 jacobthriller1982's gravatar image

Linux Mint works with any hardware new or Old. It is light on system resources.

answered Nov 21 '12 at 01:26

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This is one of my biggest concerns. I'd actually like to find the perfect distro that'll work with my old PowerBook G4. Last time installed a distro on a PowerBook, it took ages just to get it running more or less satisfactorily -- and I was still unsure the power consumption was running correctly. Sleep management seemed to be off, too.

answered Nov 21 '12 at 17:24

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