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I am thinking about getting an iMac but after seeing the price am having second thoughts. I could get an equivalent Windows PC for about half the price, is it worth it? I will be using it mostly for programming and web design, Photoshop, Dreamweaver.

asked Jun 06 '10 at 13:19

Adam%20Lewis's gravatar image

Adam Lewis

edited Aug 06 '10 at 09:27

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I have an iMac though I am a hands-down windows person. It seems great and very compact...very interesting how they fit everything into one piece...

answered Jun 06 '10 at 13:25

CharlesYin96's gravatar image


I would get an iMac just because it is optimized for the hardware it uses and the adobe suite sucks on windows

answered Jun 06 '10 at 13:20

FilipinoPower's gravatar image


Absolutely, if you are considering a Mac, the iMac is worth a look. I'm eagerly awaiting my first Mac desktop computer (after years using their laptops, first a Powerbook and MacBook & currently a MacBook Pro from 2009.) My iMac 27" i7 is arriving next week and I couldn't be happier about the switch. My midrange Dell XPS desktop was the last straw -- it was less than 2 years old and before its motherboard died, I had already had to replace the power supply and one of the hard disk drives that shipped with it. I was considering a Mac Pro but after running the numbers, the iMac was hands-down the best value for the money (the Mac Pro is seriously overdue/in need of a spec update, which will come...whenever Steve Jobs decides to do so. :)

If you just want an inexpensive desktop computer, sure a PC is great but remember that with the iMac you're getting a gorgeous, top flight LED monitor (24" or 27") bundled with that computer. Add the cost of a comparable monitor to the PC you're speccing out that's "half the price" and the gap narrows considerably.

If you want the ability to run OS X and Windows, get a Mac. I've spent the past year with my primary computer being my 15" MacBook Pro connected to one of my external monitors, so that's an option as well as the Mac Mini if you haven't looked at it.

answered Jun 20 '10 at 11:19

ageekmom's gravatar image

ageekmom ♦

edited Jun 20 '10 at 13:49

Well yes because it looks very appealing to most people

answered Jun 06 '10 at 13:22

Kevin%20Mortiere's gravatar image

Kevin Mortiere

I would really get a Mac if I ever had the money. I've heard lots of good things about Macs, but I've never really used one besides at school. I'm a real Linux guy, Linux and Macs are both based off of Unix.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 13:24

Liam%20Quade's gravatar image

Liam Quade

I have three macs now and am never going back to a PC. I run VMWare with Vista so I haven't given up on Windows, I just run it on the Mac. I don't use the internet from Windows though... you still can get spyware and viruses on Windows in virtual. Still, if you get one, just reload Windows so np. OSX has very little risk of getting anything bad off the internet and you can customize your security much more than windows so that you don't have to take away much from your users to keep them from doing bad stuff to the computer.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 13:50

JDETechnical's gravatar image


You can still get spyware and viruses on a mac.

(Jun 20 '10 at 08:25) pisoj pisoj's gravatar image

Yah but name one person who got a destructive virus on a Mac.

(Jul 21 '10 at 15:16) Matthew B Matthew%20B's gravatar image

Would you want a Mac that has the highest upgrades, or a brand new car?

answered Jun 06 '10 at 14:01

John's gravatar image


Show me a brand new car that costs $3,000 to $5,000 USD. Now, a Mac Pro you can spec out to something like $15,800 or $21,000 (I can't remember which,) if that's what you're referring to. That's still less than my car cost new in 2006, though.

(Jun 20 '10 at 11:20) ageekmom ♦ ageekmom's gravatar image

It's a bit expensive but it's really worth the money.

answered Jun 20 '10 at 07:09

Stanislav's gravatar image


Off course it's worth the money. It's very compact, you only have one cable (power). Photoshop, dreamweaver and other adobe software work very good on it.

answered Jun 20 '10 at 11:08

Syren's gravatar image


For the hardware, the imac and the mac pro is overpriced but if you like the OS and feel it will give you less trouble and can afford it then go for it. Ultimately you will be sitting at the machine all day and you want to go with a system thats more comfortable for you, so use a windows based PC and also use a mac system and see which you like better.

answered Jun 20 '10 at 14:42

Razor512's gravatar image


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