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Hello, I started a site a http://techreviewsandhelp.com/ few months ago and I'm having trouble getting money. Right now I have Info Links, Amazon, Adbrite, and Chitika. I use to have Google ad sense but Google took that away from me 1 day before I was able to get my first check from them. It was also the same time they took a massive amount of accounts away from a lot of people that were about to get their money.

From Info Links I made $16.80 From Adbrite I made $4.28 From Amazon I made $8.04 Chitika has barely made anything. I'm thinking of advertising that space off to some company.

Lately the site gets about 500 views a day and the site has 41,351 views since it started Nov 10 2011. I have no idea if the amount of views I have is low and I have no idea if the amount of money I'm getting is low. I do advertise on FaceBook and I use to advertise on Google until I found over 80% of the clicks I paid for stay on the site less then a second. I have my site hooked up to both FaceBook and Google Plus. I use to have it hooked up to twitter but, something went wrong with the coding and I have to fix that.

I recently started hiring some writers to hopefully boost the sites views and income. I'm paying them 50 cents per article they put out.

Everything I'm doing is coming out of my pocket since my I can't cash out on my ads until it hit's $20. I'm doing everything I can afford and think of. When I'm out of work I spend close to 16 hours a day trying to improve the site, making articles, dealing with freelancers, and so on. I want to get this site to a point where I can make a living off of it.

I hope you can take a quick look at my site and tell me how to increase my income. Also, I was wondering if you can tell me if the amount I'm making is low for the amount of views I have.

asked Mar 27 '12 at 00:05

Craig%20Bennett%20II's gravatar image

Craig Bennett II

I decided to sleep on this and give your site another chance I really hate to coming off sounding harsh rude in my thoughts and all..

it didn’t change a thing and to be honest the more time I take the deeper I look into it the worse my opinion is about this site way beyond first impressions now, my first thought was because you were new to this site and you were trying to push a tech and help site on a tech and help type question site this post was spam not a huge jump in thinking there at all..

razor512 brought up a good point and fact about a trend of ad communities ( your site resembles so strongly ) being as it is blog news style consisting of 99.9% pay per click and pop over ads, with a PayPal donation button tossed in for added measure ,there is actually a AD that I refer to as a blanket ad on your site it load flat out over top of your site hovers there and refuses to go away and is made so large it nearly impossible to close it , its your site your domain you pay the fees for isn’t that what you want all who go there to see not someone else's graphic art that links away from your page in fact when if comes to getting on search engines if that pops up when your page is spidered it goes away and don’t come back you lose ranking because of this and all the other banner ads on the page if you are looking to be in the top 10 or hell even the top 100, 99% of all links on that index page must lead back to your page not any place else ..

the more web pages that link back to you in a top of there page the better you will be , rather then offering people .25 or .50 to submit stories offer them this to give you a link back on the home page of there site or blogs remove all the pay per click ads they are not the way to generate income at all believe me , remove the Facebook twitter goggle and utube buttons from the top of your page they are leading everything and everyone from your website if you want visitors to hang around the last thing you want is to give then 10,000 ways to click and move on some where else ..

look at your news stories its not that there is little interest or comments or conversation there is none what so ever you have drawn no interest at all not even a troll , this by its self should tell you something without having to ask.. right now you don’t have enough content to even justify a subscription fee to see the site without advertising and since you asked for donations it clear the site is not free so truly shouldn’t have advertising for $$ on it no on want to donate to a site that only has advertising

like I said I’m not saying this to be hurtful or rude I have truly been there and back I have made a small fortune online and I have lost a small fortune as well over the last 33 year my first adventures in computers was with local BBS and UseNet back at a time when many still used Pinters and old B&W tv for monitors ..

in some ways some of your replys makes me want to ask if there is morethen one person makeing your posts ??

answered Mar 28 '12 at 13:25

jadtechnic's gravatar image


edited Mar 28 '12 at 13:38

I was thinking of adding a feature to my site where people can submit articles and for every article they submit that gets on the site, I will pay them something like 25 or 50 cents. Do you think this type of feature will help my site?

answered Mar 27 '12 at 19:57

Craig%20Bennett%20II's gravatar image

Craig Bennett II

Not too sure how to help you in terms of ad revenue but google was the first company too start taking mitigation measures for ad abuse. A common trend now is ad communities where multiple users create blogs, then load them with ads. Users then find random news or other stuff to post to keep the site active then each user goes on each others page and clicks on a few ads.

The original goal was to get around the auto ban from clicking on your own ads.

More and more ad companies are catching on and will ban any account found doing that.

I am not saying that it is what your site is doing but if any actions even close to that are detected, then ad accounts will be banned.

If you feel that google banned your account by mistake then contact them (for low profile accounts, they have a shoot first, ask questions later approach)

answered Mar 27 '12 at 16:34

Razor512's gravatar image


edited Mar 29 '12 at 11:10

I already asked for my account back and they said no 2 times. I asked them again 2 days ago so hopefully I will hear some good news soon.

(Mar 27 '12 at 18:58) Craig Bennett II Craig%20Bennett%20II's gravatar image

well in ways being how new your account is this could be like spam but ok I will give you some tips I been around a while made some dollars with design as well as my own web store , web servers,domains and such...

first went to your site using 2 different computers each 3x on broadband cable and your site is severely slow loading out of 6 try's the quickest load time was closer to a min. the forums and other pages are so slow I gave up trying not even worth the attempt , ok to be fair I just waited out the load on your web store 2 min 49 seconds ...

don’t get me wrong I don’t want to come off sounding mean or biting or any such thing just honest this is my first impression of your site you only get one chance at first impressions “RIGHT” and were talking a website here you have about 30 seconds or less to grab a surfers attention it took me twice as long to get the site to load and be in my eye you lost me before I got there to see a thing ...

after my long wait that made it feel like your site locked my laptop up I get there and other then the tons of advertising I find what you are offering is news stories I can find shared on G+ and face book any time day or night , after the long long wait for your store what I found was a home page version of a amazon store with the same thing I can find on amazon same price same deal far quicker and more reliably ...to avoid these pay per click type advertising deal they are set up for them companies to make the $$ the ads on your site just increase what advertisers pay them and slow down your page loading ..

500 hits even if they are all unique is very small even on my earlier web ventures I considered 100K or just under per day a little low with the load issue your site has you couldn’t come close to that I'm surprised you can support the 500 mark with the type of advertising you are using even with 100K in hits a day the best you could hop for is still under $50 a month income since many of these companies don’t pay till you build $100 or more cause its not worth there time or cost to cut the check to pay you for less ..

I wouldn’t lead you wrong like I said not being mean or any such thing at all, how ever if was you I would save you money on the web hosting take you Domain name to Blog site like web press bring the friends or what ever you have who are interested with you in writing and become known as a tech writer and reviewer if this is your objective gain followers and as you do add the other bits in once you have a following get a designer to make you a site fit for your needs when it come to advertising there is nothing like going directly to the company and making the dollars directly maybe start locally with small tech companies in your area its not easy for sure but your dollar realization will be real and immediate not virtual weekly and monthly gains you might never live to actually see ..

please don’t take this a a slap or any thing I encourage trying to make your Ideas come to life but if you want this type of a tech site become known for the writing first your site has to be unique and today on the internet is to do something in away no one else is doing it

answered Mar 27 '12 at 14:12

jadtechnic's gravatar image


edited Mar 27 '12 at 14:38

I wouldn’t lead you wrong in any way take my word you cant be everything at this point you either want to be a tech writer or you want to be a web designer , don’t try to be everything this is the mistake 99% of everyone makes ..

the web site today is not all fired up important today Blog is the way everything is going it is a means of conveying new and works as your forum for discussion all in one they are very cost effective for getting start they cost as very little to nothings depending if you want to use your own domain name and if you want to bring in your own advertising they tend to keep there server up and running and as long as you don’t weight your feed down with a lot of outside junk loading they are fast..

you don’t need a lot of eye candy today to make a living online you just need information people will pay for to read so in reality if your have good enough content you can charge a subscription fee not use ads at all

(Mar 27 '12 at 14:46) jadtechnic jadtechnic's gravatar image

Thanks. I will look into why the site is slow and I'm trying to find a way where people can pay if they don't want to see the ads.

(Mar 27 '12 at 18:57) Craig Bennett II Craig%20Bennett%20II's gravatar image
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