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I would like to know, as far as hosting a website. Which company is the best? As far as prices dependability, and ease of use( doesn't have to be easy I'll learn how to do it regardless) And for a blog and optimization I have heard wonderful things about WordPress. Which I plan to use, but I still like to research the competition. So who do you think are the best? And why?

asked Apr 26 '12 at 02:51

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Next time don't put anything in full caps in the question. It's shouting over the internet and not considered as a nice way of asking for help.

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I suggest you to see this hosting top LINK REMOVED The top was realized taking in consideration the following aspects: guaranteed and tested stability of the servers, accessible prices, no intermediary companies, number of hosted domains, very positive feedbacks. Good luck.

answered Apr 30 '12 at 03:39

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You can check out the guys over at SquareSpace.com.

They offer a pretty nice package for creating a website. They even provide special tools to customize the look and feel of your site, so you don't have to know how to code to set it up. If you want to use your own code however, you're more than welcome.

You can easily set up a blog there. They also promise that your site will never go down if something on it goes viral.

answered May 01 '12 at 01:33

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