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What types of documents do you print? How often? And do you print usually at home or at work?

asked May 05 '12 at 15:30

zanzib's gravatar image


School stuff, you know papers and projects, stuff like that. I print at home and at school, and I print maybe once every week or so. I mostly print at school though. Ink is too expensive. At work, I print documents like computer repair orders and stuff like that. That, I print daily.

answered May 05 '12 at 16:25

DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

DJ Scooby Doo

Crossword puzzles - can't stand filling them in online! Although I'm not printing anything at the moment cos the stupid printer isn't working!

answered May 05 '12 at 19:07

Cornelia%20Cornflake's gravatar image

Cornelia Cornflake

Me it will depend if I am working with source code for an application like a section that I need to see everything on paper than on the screen. Or for some free hand writing for my blog I like to keep a hard copy in a binder. It be once a week sometimes more often. I use my small laser printer over here which I like a lot over here. And does a good job over here for the printing that I need to do which is mainly text based at any rate.

answered May 05 '12 at 23:46

Compucore's gravatar image


Just papers for school...

answered May 06 '12 at 11:47

Caelan's gravatar image


I haven't used my printer in years. It's a print/scan combo and I still use it as a scanner, but I really have no need for hard copy any more. I think the last time I used it was to print out a resume, but even when I was looking for a new job (now a year and 1/2 ago) most companies I applied to accepted an emailed resume.

answered May 06 '12 at 20:50

AlanStryder's gravatar image



Fake IDs, Passports, Money

answered May 06 '12 at 12:21

Jackster1337's gravatar image


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