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I have a Dell laptop that after so many minutes the wireless disconnects to the internet and when you try to reconnect it, it says unable to connect. Then the wireless only works after I restart the computer. Any ideas why it would do that? thanks

asked May 08 '12 at 08:40

eddieberg's gravatar image


Is it working properly prior to the disconnect (ie. reasonable speed, webpages load correctly etc.)? Have you tried it on a wired connection to see if it does the same? Are you using your own router or is this on a wi-fi hotspot or similar? Could you beg, steal or borrow another computer to compare with?

answered May 08 '12 at 09:42

Cornelia%20Cornflake's gravatar image

Cornelia Cornflake

Its only the wireless NIC that im having problems with the wired works fine. Its not the wireless router because its the company wireless that many people use and there are no problems there. And yes there are no problems at all before the disconnect.

(May 08 '12 at 09:47) eddieberg eddieberg's gravatar image

Ok, that is weird then! If it works wired that pretty much precludes all the software issues I can think of as possible causes. That just leaves hardware - maybe a fault in the receiver? The fact that everything's fine up to a certain point would usually suggest it's an overheating problem but I'm not sure how or why that would affect only the wireless connection. Might be worth dusting off the fans though, just in case.

(May 08 '12 at 10:18) Cornelia Cornflake Cornelia%20Cornflake's gravatar image

Try to uninstall it from the Device Manager and reboot the computer and see if this clears things up. If this doesn't, then instlal new drivers from the Dell website. They may be aware of the issue and released new drivers to fix the problem. If this does not fix it, consider restoring Windows to a point when it did work properly.

If all of these above does not fix it, you can always back up all of your data to an external source and reinstall Windows from scratch.

If it is beyond that, call Dell and see if they will replace the laptop due to a manufactuering defect, because the hardware is likely defective. Some wireless adaprters in laptops removeable with Dell, so see if this is the case with yours. I might be re-seated and this fixes the issue. If not, it seems mostly defective.

It is hard to call without much troubleshooting, but above are the methods in which to narrow down your problem. Hope this helps!

answered May 09 '12 at 00:33

djmoore711's gravatar image


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