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Wow. it has been ENTIRELY too long since I've visited here. Anyway, my question:

What are some good minecraft seeds? I was originally wanting this to be primarily about minecraft PE (Pocket Edition), but shockingly, a few quick searches here didn't show anything. So, yeah what are some good seeds?

Here are my contributions (without photos. Sorry I don't have a way to post pictures at the moment):

Minecraft for PC (and mac. And linux): Pizzscn Playthrough -- You probably know where this seed might have came from :D Anyway, it spawns you in a pretty basic looking world, but if you look behind you there is an NPC village. I have found two villages while doing my playthrough series.

Minecraft PE: chunk -- spawns you in some sand at the edge of a "meadow biome", but if you start going to your left a little ways you will see a big hilly section. If you go to your right and walk forward a bit, you will see a very nice overhang thingy. There is also something that appears to be a cave trying to generate, but it is at the edge of the world so we will never know :(

I don't have an xbox so I can't really say much here. Anyway, yeah post your awesome seeds below!

asked May 28 '12 at 00:30

Pizzscn's gravatar image


According to the developers Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is at game version 1.6.6 beta. Meaning it should use the same generation. This style was used from sometime in early beta (possibly even alpha) all the to 1.7.3

(May 28 '12 at 01:16) Zbob750 Zbob750's gravatar image

I use fav game server host's url and it spawns you in a maintain area with a sea next to them.

Great for putting a big house on top of. Now that you can build 256 high you can build a lot more as it was at top of map before you could build so high.

answered May 28 '12 at 01:06

Jackster1337's gravatar image


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