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I have my room which is used only for sleeping, but i have only two other rooms that can be used. The game room which no one goes there anymore and a guest room which also nobody goes there as well but only the problem is that the guest room is used for a storage room. To me i think that the game room is pretty ridiculous to be used for my home office since its an open wide room with no doors but with a guest room it does for privacy. Which one do you think is more better? Thank you so much!

asked Jun 06 '12 at 16:31

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I would say choose the room you feel you will be able to gget some work done in, if thats the reason behind your home office.

If one of them has a nice window you can look out of, then I would choose that one as it helps to look away from the screens for abit and gather your thoughts.

Make sure you invest in an good height adjustable desk and a good chair aswell as good lighting for those dark nights in the winter, a good keyboard, mouse etc to avoid pain in your arms or even your back...

answered Jun 06 '12 at 17:02

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Lee Wood

edited Jun 06 '12 at 17:03

Wide open spaces are good, but also consider what setup you want. For example, mine takes up a lot of space and I like the U-shape desk layout, so I look for rooms which have all their doors on one wall. Also consider outlets, distance from the network switch or wifi, and noise levels. Rooms near high traffic areas (kitchen, etc) will have more noise than, say, a basement or attic.

answered Jun 07 '12 at 02:56

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