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Has anyone got one of theses SSD's? I am looking at getting one but can't find many reviews at the moment. Can anyone who has one please tell me what they think of them?

asked Jun 07 '12 at 20:11

Fish's gravatar image


I don't have one, but I found no shortage of reviews by googling "intel 330 ssd review"

http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ssd-330-review-benchmark,3190.html - One of the first reviews I found on Google. Contains a comparison between the 330 and the 520 and suggests it isn't a bad product at all. Though as nitrocrime suggested, I wouldn't limit my scope of SSD shopping to Intel if I were you.

answered Jun 08 '12 at 00:09

Kris's gravatar image


I had heard good things about Intel SSD's and this latest series is very well priced so I thought I would look into it further. Thank you.

(Jun 08 '12 at 06:41) Fish Fish's gravatar image

I am not entirely sure what SSD's Apple uses but they are pretty great. I've got full speed and have quite easily had a 2Tb bandwidth in less then a year with no slowdown or issues at all. I wouldn't focus on the SSD's just from Intel. I am a fan of their CPU's but that's where it ends. Intel doesn't really cut it at other hardware in my mind. Open up and look for the other reviews.

answered Jun 07 '12 at 21:07

nitrocrime's gravatar image


I'm itching to downvote because this isn't what Fish was asking for, but I wont because it is relevant if they decide to broaden their shopping scope. XD

(Jun 08 '12 at 00:03) Kris Kris's gravatar image
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