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What do you think of the Microsoft Surface? Will it be some kind of game changer in the PC market? There's only ever been one or two tablet's that i have personally ever thought about buying as i'm more of a laptop user wanting an all in one device including power. Upon first impressions i do like the Surface or at least the Pro version with i5 core, it seems to offer the power aspect that i would prefer to have and has allot of hardware packed into it. The keyboard aspect as well is something that really is making me think about the Surface in that it can be something i could use on the go via the touch screen or for work when at my desk thanks to the keyboard. Quite allot of features are packed into the device which is always a plus assuming they work well and that they're not one more thing to go wrong. The only snag for me would be the price point on the pro version, if it were closer to £500 then it would be something i'd be seriously looking at. The ARM version is worth exploring more and i'm interested to see some benchmarks and more about the spec as it's a cheaper option but compared to having an Ivy Bridge i5 along a full version of Windows 8 USB 3.0 i think the ARM version will leave people doubting their choice of the less powerful Surface tablet.

No exact price point has been announced as far as i'm aware on vague references but it is thought that the Pro version will retail for around £900 here in the UK but of course we pay 20% VAT. What do you think of the new Windows Surface Tablet and especially the likely price point for both the cheaper ARM model and the likely price point of the high performing i5 Model? Will the price be the only thing holding people back adding it to their wish lists, or is there something else that will prove to be a difficult sell for Microsoft? As for me, assuming all the features work well together and the build quality is there then the only snag will be the price.

Microsoft Surface - Keynote


asked Jun 19 '12 at 14:58

mutley2209's gravatar image


It's too little too late. The problem is less the hardware, but more Windows 8 itself. Very few people actually like Windows 8, mostly because it's a tablet OS for desktop/laptop users. This makes a mediocre at best experience for a tablet OS and an awful user experience as a desktop OS. Microsoft are jealous of the iPad, who wouldn't be with those sale figures? Microsoft lately have been entering markets too late. Windows Phone 7 was too little, too late and Windows 8 was awful all round.

answered Jun 19 '12 at 16:46

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i think with this though it has allot too offer at two price point's, one with the lesser powered ARM processor that offers allot hardware wise to compete but yes it does come down to how the software works. On the Ivy Bridge side it's success depends on a couple of things, the speed of the i5, the amount of memory, the exact price point and again how Windows 8 works. If they manage to come in under at £800-£900 it will be in the Ultrabook market which is where they seem to be targeting it. Assuming for arguments sake that the i5 and Ram are comparable to an Ultrabook of the same price it's going to offer people a different choice, they can have their Ultrabook and a tablet at the same time. Granted you will loose some features such as less ports and less graphics performance (i think some Ultrabooks have dedicated graphics?) but if you don't need that then this could really steal some sales. I think they really need to nail the marketing on this and show off what it can do as well as the context in which it can be used and make sure people understand that you can hook up a monitor to it so if you bought it you could still work off a larger screen when at home or work. One thing i'm dubious about right from the get go is the keyboard, although i like the look of it i hope the functionality is what they say it is and i'm not sure about how durable it can be since it's supposed to act as part of the case. Being so thin on knock could brake it, i don't think this will be a desktop killer as i think they are hoping it will be but i do think it's the first step at least speaking for on low cost performance desktops the high end stuff will always be around.

(Jun 19 '12 at 17:00) mutley2209 mutley2209's gravatar image
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