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So, I bet everyone has heard about the iOS6 announcement at WWDC. We heard about the new Retina display Macbook Pros, but that's about it. Nothing else was revealed, other than the release date for iOS6, which is this Fall. The iPod Touch 4g was listed as a supported device, which got me a little worried. I was starting to wonder if Apple was ever going to release an update to the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch 4G was released September 2010, and since then, there have been no major upgrades. It has almost been 2 years since then. Is Apple undermining the iPod Touch?

When I think about it, it is almost the same situation with the Mac Pros. Since the Mac Pros don't have much competition, there is not much to change about them.

I cannot really think of an alternative music player to the iPod Touch. I mean, Android, from what I've seen, is only available on phones not mp3s. Is it because of the lack of competition that drives Apple to undermine the iPod Touch?

asked Jun 22 '12 at 22:45

Abel%20Luna's gravatar image

Abel Luna

That is probably why since there only real competition was the Zune when it was released. And probably with in 2 days it was no longer competition.

answered Jun 23 '12 at 00:45

Historyfreak99's gravatar image


Customers love the iTouch if you will, i dont think apple has yet made that decision i think the next one will come out next year when the new iPhones come out. Jacob.

answered Jun 23 '12 at 01:51

jacobthriller1982's gravatar image


no one is really even trying to compete with the ipod touch, it is basically in a category of it's own.

For those looking for just a portable device to listen to music, the ipod touch is too expensive and lacks physical buttons for controlling it without looking at it.

Apple does another extreme with the ipod shuffle which offers too few features for people looking for a basic MP3 player

the ipod touch is basically the equivalent of the pocket PC from the late 90's and early 2000's

answered Jun 23 '12 at 03:33

Razor512's gravatar image


Apple hasn't really updated any of their handheld devices in the past two years. None of the iPods really got an update except a slight tweak and even the iPhone 4S was only a small update.

I don't know why Apple have taken so long to update things but I know they will eventually. They're always developing new technology and improving on the old, that's what Apple is about. Don't worry, it'll be updated.

answered Jun 23 '12 at 06:50

Mattophobia's gravatar image

Mattophobia ♦♦

clearly it needs bigger screen, a better camera with flash since this device shud be prime media device and not the iphone, people use iphone for everything other than the "phone", ipod touch should have been that device. If Apple wants to kill this market share they are free to do so, ipod still has potential, all the models and every device needs updates, steve would have done that but the new folks at apple seems least concerned.

answered Jun 23 '12 at 07:37

bharatkumargupta's gravatar image


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