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When I use gimp and try to save as a either a .jpg or .png I have noticed they are not there. With the release of Gimp 2.8, it has come to my attention that they have removed a lot of the image file extension that they used to have.

Is there any way to get .PNG and .JPG for saving the file?

asked Jun 25 '12 at 21:55

KLFXAction%20Team's gravatar image

KLFXAction Team

Not gone away, just different procedure ...

Save And Export

A rather big conceptual change is that saving and exporting images now are clearly separated activities. Saving an image can only be done in the XCF format which is GIMP's native file format, able to save all kinds of information necessary for works in progress.

To export into other formats File->Export... needs to be used. This distinction makes it clearer if all available information is stored in a file, or not. There are some optimizations for alternative workflows such as opening a jpg, polishing it, and quickly exporting back to the original file. This conceptual change has also allowed us to get rid of the annoying dialogs that warned about the flatting of images when saving to non-layered formats.

answered Jun 26 '12 at 07:41

dunfiddlin's gravatar image


Thanks! It worked!

(Jun 26 '12 at 08:43) KLFXAction Team KLFXAction%20Team's gravatar image
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