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So, I have an older PC (only 4-5 years old) and there is a problem with the router I use. My PC has never accepted the standard of plugging in an Ethernet cord from the router to the back of the computer, so I resulted to just using the USB port on the back of the modem. I get a USB A to USB B cable and connect it, and bingo, the computer connects. The problem though is that before I did this, while still attempting Ethernet, my router was working fine ( i.e. my iPad and MacBook Pro would connect and surf the web), and now, while using USB, my connection only feeds to the computer and not the WiFi. Please help! My only other piece of info is that this old computer doesn't have a wireless adapter, so it must be connected (kinda like the first gen, 20 gb PS3.). Once again, any help is welcome!


Modem + Router + PC via Ethernet = No internet on PC, but working WiFi

Modem + Router + PC via USB (going from modem to PC) = Internet on PC, but wireless not working

Once again, I would just plug an Ethernet cord from the router straight into the computer, but that doesn't ever work. (I have to use USB.

asked Jul 11 '12 at 18:49

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Save yourself all the hassle and get a USB wireless adapter. Problem solved.

answered Jul 11 '12 at 23:27

IamTechCrazy's gravatar image


there really isn't enough information to give much help here , specs of the computer and the router would be nice.. just have to thoughts you need to go in the router and check the settings , if this is a new enough router there are some settings that could be set on by default that can cause problems..

also there could be settings on the computer and fire wall forcing blocks when that computer is hard wired in ..

first in the router there could be a setting that disables the wireless or blue tooth if it is wired in with USB .. could be something switched off for the standard connection too ..

most new routers also have a setting that can be turned on by default for one reason or another that sets priority, this was a problem with the router we use here,if you live in a building or a very close neighborhood lots of others using wireless routers your even if neighbors have passwords set your router could be set to route you to the Ip with the least activity and will literaturily block you from logging on your service if you have a user and there are there others with no users..

the router here in the late evening even if we were connected and running fine , after others got off line there routers had no use suddenly one or more of out lap tops would just lose service for what appeared no reason , after weeks and weeks of confusion as to what was going on we discovered the issue and Got a friend who works in IT to come help us fix all the router settings ..

answered Jul 11 '12 at 20:06

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Yes that is true. Plus did you have a chance to check to see what you are getting as an IP Address have you tried entering in ipconfig /all to see what you are getting. if your getting a 169.XXX.XXX.XXX have you tried doing a netsh i i i r to try and have the networking card reset itself and clear anything from the buffers that it uses in the stacks. Have you tried uninstall and re-installing the network drivers. with the proper drivers for it.

Right now it sounds too generic to what we need to know here. We need more specifics. It's like me saying I cannot access the internet with my linux box without trying some simple tests to it to see if the cause could be local to the networking card, networking card drivers, networking cable, and so on. We need more data. (Sounding like that little robot from short circuit.) Number 5 alive!!! Need more input.

(Jul 11 '12 at 21:01) Compucore Compucore's gravatar image
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