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Is it possible to watch a film or television series without emotion? I was just wondering and thinking of that the past few days, how some people I know aren't affected by death scenes and chases etc. SO how to keep the heart rate down and have no emotion and watch with a stone face?

asked Jul 18 '12 at 08:57

Caelan's gravatar image


Ehh, we're desensitized already. I know in some males who play Call of Duty or games about war and killing, don't show that much of emotion anymore. Once you're subjected to real or simulated death so many times, you start to get used to it. I know in the US, there are a lot of movies about war and they're not SO bad since they're not that gory.

answered Jul 18 '12 at 09:01

DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

DJ Scooby Doo

Take my aspect of holding on to the thought the death in a move for a day or two? Not just opinion?

(Jul 18 '12 at 10:00) Caelan Caelan's gravatar image

Death in a movie, wow, okay. Well, it's simulated death so you're not contracted to feel anything unless the storyline is good in my opinion, unless it's an animal, then people get mad. Real death such as dying in combat for your country, that's different.

(Jul 18 '12 at 11:43) DJ Scooby Doo DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

Yes but that is not what I was looking for in answers. I totally understand though. Thanks for the input.

(Jul 18 '12 at 12:05) Caelan Caelan's gravatar image

Just keep thinking about the fact that it's a movie, and it isn't real. It may help to analyze the film as you're watching it, looking at the shot angles, or the coloring, and try to figure out why they did what they did for the scene.

Just a thought.

answered Jul 18 '12 at 14:09

sfrancis928's gravatar image


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