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I have a blog, and for the most part, things are going good, but the issue is, we need to find more bloggers, and I really don't know where to go to find them. Does anyone have any ideas? Anything would be appreciated.

asked Aug 01 '12 at 20:10

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I would like to remind, there is no solicitation for work on this site. As it is in the rules of the site.

(Aug 03 '12 at 19:17) kevinlockergnome ♦♦ kevinlockergnome's gravatar image

It depends on your blog subject as to whether people will be interested in participating or not, what is the subject of our blog?

answered Aug 01 '12 at 20:34

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The subject of my blog is technology, it is at http://icydiablog.com/.

(Aug 01 '12 at 20:54) ck263 ck263's gravatar image

here is how I find them go to Google type technology blog there are so many its hard to take it all in this is just one term you can use to find them on there own in network and even socail networks just for tech heads and geeks ..

I have a tech blog too but really much more then just that because having a technology news review feed or blog today is like white noise minor his that no one will hear in the mess everyones an expert inorder to get heard you have to be posting everywhere on everyone tech blogs the best of them being Cnet and ZDnet whichI like better but there are so many out there who Imgine there brand of negitivity is the only right one if you dont have tough skin it will eat you alive in less then an hour hehe ..

though both Cnet and ZDnet are major names the better part of there stories come from circles of bloggers ..

answered Aug 01 '12 at 21:47

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Im going to give you a bit of advice right off just a quick look at your site nothing personal or anything but try to aviod the free article & content sites :)

I know it takes time lots of time but Write your own stuff get a few friend interest set up word press with MU mode to create a net work of bloggers your friend to write for you ..

there is 2 problems with the free article sites and free content I will tell you from my own experiences because when I started I had the same Idea to build content and it got me in trouble having a .com addy and paid web host will slow the process down but 2 things crop u0p one is when you get into advertising for real money and companies come to check your sight it will be rejected for a lack of solid content and it will be labeled by them as spam blog one labels you and the rep follows from one to the other and the big payers don't want you ..

many of the article though a few on top of them sites are fresh the rest are all re-dated articles there are 5 to 9 years out of date rehashed re-dated and these people trying to make more $$ on there low end ads on your site ..

also many of the social networks if you splash some of these like on face book stumble and a few others they will IP ban your FROM POSTING MANY of the articles and titles have been labeled as spam ..

what ever you do , do not try to doctor these articles to make them look better with picture :) these site do check and complain you will loose you domain believe me some hosts and domain companies dont warn they just dont want trouble ..

answered Aug 01 '12 at 22:07

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We do produce our own content, a lot of it being news, and none of our content has ever been labeled as spam.

(Aug 01 '12 at 22:15) ck263 ck263's gravatar image

any how as far as tech bloggers go your best bet are the usuaul places Cnet, ZDnet one place many never give a thought to but is fair for tech bloggers is NPR, slashdot these are 4 of the main part of my daily circle but if it isnt happening in these apots it not likely much is happening else where ..

if you are looking for guest bloggers though thats a tough one the best of them dont really need the exposure enough any longer to do it for free they are eatting pretty good :)

its a very busy interesting point in time right now for tech and there is no shortage of of people willing to pay to be on the cutting edge of the news fastest there are time when I can not go 3 mins with out getting breaking news from some where ..

(Aug 01 '12 at 22:26) jadtechnic jadtechnic's gravatar image

there was a day when it was all about what you know, and what your known for the stuff gurus are made of today gurus and do it your Sellers are every where because lots of technology pretty much take care of its self..

Today its all about who you know and being there when it happens , everything is news today if you know some one or have a friend who is starting a site or writing an AP or anything write about it it is news it helps then and people are hungry for the stuff ..

Oddly enough though it works I as a blogger you have to be posting engaging in other blogs a lot and there are a lot out nasty whiny people out there and I have taken to writing tech new about whiny cheese heads specially the windows cheer leaders or what ever they are mostly the ones who still boost win95 and XP who scream Microsoft is not changing at all metro will be over they will change metro they are the one who scream we were all jerks when we whispered the rumor months ago about the end of Hotmail there was no new mail many of us had friends who were testing the new mail already for monthd and we knew it was there under wraps .

same circle that is screaming and insisting the rumor that Microsoft is coming out with a surface tablet that is mup mid to high priced people are use to paying g $200 $300 for PC with window Microsoft would never change that which is successful for them hahah

know what so many have lost for so long its far from a success at this point and all have some sticker shock coming in October ..

(Aug 01 '12 at 22:51) jadtechnic jadtechnic's gravatar image

I know I seem a tad wordy in my answers here at times and many who question and post here are from the younger circle and I lose there attention after the first paragraph or so . .

I will give you a a little better back ground on me then you will most likely find any where else :)

I have been at online and in technical circles and web design programming forums and IRC for over 23 year now several years before there was a an Apple computer of Microsoft for that matter, I have had my own mini data center and hosting service, I was there with the group who First built and put together auction web , today is know as Ebay , I was involved in helping build Underwriters labs internet and intranet presents in a place, long long long ago far far away ..

I was also a very big online auction dealer for years ebay, yahoo bid bay many others including my own niche auction site which I did fairly well with for several years as little know as it may have been call Musicplus.com, and partner in another site call auctionpie.com ..

I was one of the co organizers of the auction sellers cooperative movement which as badly as in the end it failed helped to make huge changes in the online auction industry and for buyer and sellers alike ..

Im 53 years old at this time I am retired living in Canada married we have a 2 year old second family or time around for me I have some grand kids a little older then my youngest son .. I am one who use to work 16 hours a day 7 days a week and now though we have a 2 year old feel like I have loads of time on my hand to spare , I don't have a day job I am not dependent on my online activity for income either I have been into technology news and keeping up to date many years..

I have had and still have many many friends and connection from every walk of the tech world , some of the site that are huge or seem so today some of them I helped them when they were little actually many on free hosting some as funny as it might sound started on sites like geocities ...

i write what I see how I se it I am not dependent on what I write to make a living I say what I see and what I feel honest truth and gut feelings, I dont worry about the grammar queens out there if any one has a problem with how I write dont bitch on it come edit ity your more then welcome ( don't quit your day job its not a paying position )

yes right now my site is hosted on free hosting and free domain I am just rebuilding things test the water watching the numbers to see what works ( what sells so to speak) all tech all the time don't work number prove this a lot needs good mix I try to do tech, gaming entertainment toss in some human interest ..

only started testing in January last year I have restarted the site several times each time it gets better and stronger , the following right now and mind you I am but one person there is no one else writing or working with me what so ever , numbers run from 2500 to 3000 unique hits each month ..

other then helping take care of our baby and family time I have 23 and half hours a day I pour into this since i started its not for the weak of heart, you can not make a real living at this just on banner advertising no matter what you read or hear there was a day back before 2000 this was true just not so today ,I am almost ready to spring for a top level domain and host and I figure with the click through on the ad sense banners on the site I will break even on my first year registration before I am 176 years old ..

i can tell you from experiences its far slower money then what I did in my 7 year with online auction I assure you I made over million dollar and can prove I spent that or more to make it for anyone who think that makes you Rich Forget it that hardly does it today or in the last 20years in fact if it was your only source of income it would make you just slightly better then hand to mouth if you have a family of any size my frist family was a family of 6 ...

answered Aug 02 '12 at 00:06

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answered Aug 03 '12 at 18:51

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it was shameless plug for the web site is my guess they got there site on the form for a few days..

i just cant imagine anyone accidentally tripping in to a locker gnome forum or blog or vlog and ask where to find bloggers.. its a bit like going out in the middle of the freeway and asking where you can find cars..

like I said I been around the internet and web along time 23 to 25 year I stopped counting long ago I have been a part of a lot of the most popular forums chat room from the days of local bbs and Usenet..

I have seen a lot of things , I learned a lot I don't miss whole a lot :)

if it wasnt a shameless plug it was a shot at or it was done on a dare insult the greatest number of people with the fewest words, this if that was the case a few thousand people with 4 words is ok he's just a beginer I know of people who have cause world wars with fewer ...

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answered Aug 03 '12 at 21:24

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If I were you, I'd use sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Blog Engage to find bloggers in the same niche as I, but you can use whatever you choose.

answered Aug 07 '12 at 01:31

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