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Does Windows really need "Aero" like appearance with non-sense transparency and ugly looking shadows along with glass buttons that pretend to look like OS X but does a pretty bad job at it?

on the other hand design wise i personally feel OS X has "no non-sense" looks, all the windows, buttons, sliders, colors & chrome etc are "just perfect" and also it doesnt cost as much as aero to the system resources. This also facilitates better looking software on the platform along with great stability!

I LOVE WINDOWS 7 but if Ms removes all these useless appearance features windows 7 really kicks ass.

What are your thoughts on windows 7 interface's design & aesthetics?

P.S. - the only usable environment for me is when i turn off all the flashy things in windows 7, i cant stand aero, makes pc so slow, especially when u are on laptop it heats up machine pretty fast!

asked Aug 14 '12 at 12:08

bharatkumargupta's gravatar image


edited Aug 14 '12 at 12:13

Like it or not, most people would agree it's a huge improvement over Luna.

(Aug 14 '12 at 13:38) Zbob750 Zbob750's gravatar image

it is nicer and improvement after xp but its time to move on with something neat, btw i love what they did in windows 8 in design respects.

(Aug 14 '12 at 23:52) bharatkumargupta bharatkumargupta's gravatar image

I absolutley hate the UI of Windows 8. Aero and Metro? What a joke imo

(Aug 15 '12 at 00:24) SuperZeoX SuperZeoX's gravatar image

My suggestion to you would be to get a new computer, because Aero does not slow down any of the 4 computers in my house that all run Windows 7. 3 out of 4 are running 64-bit. and the laptop I am on right now is not hot at all and im running: Google Chrome, Outlook 2010, Spotify, and Minecraft. And yet my laptop is not hot with all the Windows 7 effects on. Not sure what your problem is....

I like the Aero features I think it makes Windows look nicer.

answered Aug 14 '12 at 13:17

TheTechDude's gravatar image


edited Aug 14 '12 at 13:21

spec wise my machine is fine, its little bit faster in real when i turn off all visual stuff, i love windows 7 for stability but they really have to either eliminate the classic theme or make it look more like google chrome, google chrome btw looks so neat n slick, thats how windows shud look dont u think?

(Aug 14 '12 at 23:55) bharatkumargupta bharatkumargupta's gravatar image

If your computer is slowing down with Aero turned on, I don't see how it's fine spec wise.

(Aug 15 '12 at 00:25) SuperZeoX SuperZeoX's gravatar image

Aero makes Windows 7 look a lot better. If you don't like it, turn it off, but over XP, and even over Vista, it's a lot better. but seeing the specs you said you were runnning before, I don't know how it could be slow, it runs fine on my mums dual core pentium laptop with stock graphics, so you might want to look into that.

answered Aug 14 '12 at 14:49

Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

Tim Fontana

spec wise my machine is fine, its little bit faster in real when i turn off all visual stuff, i love windows 7 for stability but they really have to either eliminate the classic theme or make it look more like google chrome, google chrome btw looks so neat n slick, thats how windows shud look dont u think?

(Aug 14 '12 at 23:55) bharatkumargupta bharatkumargupta's gravatar image

Well, obviously, it'll be a little faster, so is mine and I'm running a 4.8Ghz i7 with 16GB RAM. Google Chrome doesn't look like anything? it has a bar at the top and that is it? Windows 7 is easy to use I like the UI the way that it currently is, the best version of Windows to complain about is Windows 8, that thing is terrible.

(Aug 15 '12 at 06:18) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

I agree, I mean you could opt for the Windows Basic style but I don't like it. Looks like crap. You could also opt for the Windows Classic style if you want to save on resources or go back to, as the name suggests a more classic look. As @TheTechDude said, I also advise you to get a new computer. I have a Dell Latitude D620 from late 2009 and it's running fine on 8 with all of the fixings on. I also had an old computer, a Gateway MX6454, and it also ran Aero really well. Mind you, these are the base models. I have the minimum 2GB of RAM to make everything run smoothly and optimally on my laptops, and they're really well.

alt text

answered Aug 15 '12 at 00:03

DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

DJ Scooby Doo

i have a 2009 machine, it runs aero fine but classic theme even faster, IMO there shudn't be 3 different settings for "looks", there shud be one like OS X, this is one thing they shud have moved on from vista. Windows 7 great OS btw

(Aug 15 '12 at 00:14) bharatkumargupta bharatkumargupta's gravatar image

The three settings for looks are for those with the slower computers, Apple restrict everything, and that is one of the reason that I like Windows, it allows a little freedom of choice when it comes to visuals.

(Aug 15 '12 at 06:19) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

yes i LOVE windows too, especially when they released windows 7, everything just works, but with respect to chris's comment on windows that "it still has some elements of windows 95", so few tweaks would absolutely make this OS flawless, windows 7 has never let me down, all the programs etc are there.

btw i m seeing some pretty neat things in windows 8 desktop environment they shud not kill the iconic start menu, it has better improvements in design realm IMHO, my only gripe with 8 is the missing start menu.

(Aug 15 '12 at 06:53) bharatkumargupta bharatkumargupta's gravatar image

I hate 'Metro' full stop.

(Aug 15 '12 at 07:03) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

same here :D

(Aug 15 '12 at 07:05) bharatkumargupta bharatkumargupta's gravatar image

I don't like Metro. I don't like the way Microsoft is going, but I got used to Metro. That's why I'm running Windows 8 RC, and will probably upgrade to Windows 8 on this laptop ONLY. Everything else will be running 7 as is the best Windows desktop OS than 8.

(Aug 15 '12 at 14:22) DJ Scooby Doo DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

http://i.imgur.com/CQMjZ.png, I mean Metro's not that bad. I wouldn't want to use it in a corporate environment. That would suck badly. I wish Microsoft would give us the option to choose what we want, Metro or standard Windows 7 UI. That'll win some people over, I bet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WVMD9npN-I&feature=context-gfa, not that many changes in the Final build, which sucks, but hey. People will upgrade, and they might get used to it as well.

(Aug 15 '12 at 14:31) DJ Scooby Doo DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image
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you will be happy to know that microsoft released the code for the finial version and there is no aero's

how ever there is bad news for most who think cloud computering is not the future.. at least from what is being seen now plan for at least the tablet version of win devices will be drives will only be 32gb or smaller and cloud account will be a necessary from what I have read ..

also unlike other version of window it will save nothing on update it wipes the drive clean to install win8 .. if you mess around trying to used code keys of others and such thought win 8 will install win 8 codes are registered to individuals and once windows is install and seems to work you will be locked out of updating and installing things on arm the HD s will be unlock able you wont be able to install anything else so if you mess with the key code its your loss ..

it will not be installed like the preview or the beta test set up at all, no upgrade to speak of every thing new you will be invited to set up an account and go the ap store..

answered Aug 15 '12 at 18:24

jadtechnic's gravatar image


edited Aug 15 '12 at 18:28

I personally don't like aero. Aero was sometime like, I just here doing nothing but wasting your PC's resources. From personal experience after some time my PC just starts boogling down because of aero. But this was before I got a graphics card into my system. I still feel Microsoft did a right thing by ditch the whole aero concept, as there are still PCs out there that cannot handle the load of aero but it might all change in windows 8. So from the point of the general public I think aero is a waste of resources.

answered Aug 16 '12 at 08:05

droidaman's gravatar image


Never liked Aero. Thought it was extremely tacky. I always tried to get rid of it as much as possible without reverting back to the Classic style desktop.

To me, the Mac OS X UI is great looking. But I wish there was a way to change the grey color to a different grey. You probably can if you get down and dirty with the terminal, but I'd rather not :P But I would love to have my desktop resemble my Android phone color scheme, dark greys and cyan blues! :)

answered Aug 17 '12 at 00:47

JordanV's gravatar image


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