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So I'm starting a local PC repair, upgrade, ect. business. I have the website created and basically everything I need to do the work, but where do I go from here? Any local advertising tips or business wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

asked Aug 18 '12 at 12:30

TechRob's gravatar image


wow you are picking a really last second timing for this, PC era being over for one the new stuff out there is not up gradable or repairable , for a while your best bet as long as part remain easily available would be to build custom desk tops for gaming and such as well as restored lap tops and desk tops this is goingto be where the marklet is people who refuse change ..

older stuff will run great repaired and linux installed ..

PC repair business I think it will take 5 to 8 year to get established and by then there will be no PCs to speak of other then cutom built and refurbished ..

answered Aug 18 '12 at 13:02

jadtechnic's gravatar image


Do you still own a PC? Do you know anyone else that does? Yeh? Do you know anyone who doesn't? (Aside from someone who wouldn't know how to use one) Yeh..... this whole "PC era being over" thing is a myth.

(Aug 19 '12 at 01:02) Drmgiver Drmgiver's gravatar image

PC repair will always be a good business as long as we have companies like HP around. Most of my repair business comes from HP computers due to their high failure rate (especially their laptops)

Even with their newer laptops, they still have a high failure rate due to poor cooling and cheap components on the motherboards.

I f you want a business with no shortage of customers then repair is a good choice (the pay is not as good as with other fields but there is a more consistent demand)

(Aug 19 '12 at 08:42) Razor512 Razor512's gravatar image

my HP he no heat issue at all never a problem the dell I had on the other hand 16 month and cooked gone and replaced by hp the acer we have here is 3 months old alreqdy had heat problems, Hardrive issues replacement and keyboard trouble ..

i dont disagree in the past HP had big problems, had nothing to do with cheap parts and such though more of less has to do with being the largest manufacturer and over capacity assembling laptops several other companys ..

they haven't been doing that any more in fact not making laptops at all , the note book ultra book are not laptops today they are thin they have no cd/dvd drive all components are built on the board nothing plugs in they are not upgradable they are not a PC ..

this is not my opinion this is even how they are marketed they re not called or passed off as PC or laptop in any way they are light highly mobile easy to carry use any where many withwin8 will come with the abilty to use celluar service data plans as I am understanding stand future plans in the near future when you go to get one you will be buying then like cell phone on contact with g3 g4 data plans possiblly also through cable companys who are working on offering there cable phone and internet available where you are at rather then just your home..

(Aug 19 '12 at 08:45) jadtechnic jadtechnic's gravatar image

Jadtechnic sorry to say this but why do i only see not nice comments from you? Computer repair shops are great idea! there is a local computer store where i live wich also does repairs and people are seriously in line there, i always bring my computer there when it has problems. And no there will never be only custom build pc's becuase i realy dont see my mum putting together a pc by herself, its way easier for people who arent geeks like us to just buy a prebuild pc. And even custom build pc's have problems, like mine for example. And i dont realy get the PC era being over... do you mean phones and tablets are taking over because thats just stupid.. tablets and phones will and can never take over pc gaming. There will always be pc's and people will always have problems with it. Drivers that are outdated and there dont know how to update, failure of hardware, dropping coffee over laptops, viruses, software problems etc... it will always be there.

(Aug 19 '12 at 16:39) MastaGlazyy MastaGlazyy's gravatar image

Keep your turnaround repairs at a reasonable time. A lot of tech savvy people will hire you because they don't have the time to do the upgrades, virus removal, etc. Get business cards and give them out to everybody!

answered Aug 19 '12 at 14:33

gnomie1's gravatar image


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