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Hey everyone, how is everyone doing? If anyone isn’t too busy, I could really use anyone’s help because I have been face with a problem that I am starting to see is becoming bigger than me.

I’ve always felt extraordinary. That I am here for a reason and that reason is to help people. I’ve always wanted to entertain and teach using an avenue such as writing. But I can’t think of a single thing to teach and I’m questioning myself if I really am extraordinary. I’m trying to live up to my own expectations but I can’t figure out what makes me unique. For so many people picking there topic seemed to be the easiest part of the whole journey. But right now it’s almost derailed me. Because I’m seeing how ordinary I am and how much knowledge I really have.

I feel like the skills I have now, a thousand people can already do. What makes me different? For example I like to write and want to start a blog of some sorts, but there are thousands of people who are better skilled at writing than me with a better idea on top of that. And the only thing I have invested the majority of my life in has been fitness (basketball). I’m a jock and I love it and I want to see how far that can take me. I want to see if I can go from amateur to professional in the field of sports. And I was thinking about talking about my own journey and try to help people in the area of working out. However I’m not sure if people want to sit, watch and read an underdog story. On a side note you can turn on the TV now and would see how negative drama like reality TV is number one in entertainment. And I myself wouldn’t consider myself an expert in that field because I don’t have all the answers. There’re people that I go to that know more than me. And now I see how ordinary and every day I am, now that I am trying to take control of my life and do something original. And that really gets to me. It’s hard to pull yourself out the slums when you don’t have all the answers. But I guess my biggest question is what do you do when you start to doubt yourself? How do you know you really have something good? Has anyone else out there been called an expert in something when they felt they weren’t?

Thank you to everyone that took the time to read this and or reply

Take it easy.

asked Aug 30 '12 at 02:02

Tyro%20Scribe's gravatar image

Tyro Scribe


n. One of an opinionated group holding views that are incompatible with the views of all others in the group

"An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less."

"I suppose one definition of an expert would be someone who doesn't admit out loud that he knows enough about a subject to know he doesn't really know how much."

"No man can be a pure specialist without being in the strict sense an idiot."

answered Aug 30 '12 at 09:08

dunfiddlin's gravatar image


Thank you for your answer. When you look at it that way an expert could only be a title given to a person even if they have truly master something or not.

(Aug 31 '12 at 13:41) Tyro Scribe Tyro%20Scribe's gravatar image

make a list of 6 things you wish to do with your life, take a die and roll it, whatever number corresponds with what is on the dice, that is your calling...

No but really, no one can help YOU find YOUR calling. YOU have to find it all on YOUR own. Everyone will find there calling differently, some people may follow their calling for 20 years before figuring out it is not for them. My point is you are not dead yet, there is still time to try something, and maybe even change.

answered Aug 30 '12 at 16:08

trueb's gravatar image


Thanks for answering. What you said is totally true. I just started freaking out when I thought I had all the answers about myself but I really don’t; and I feared I wasted time. However if I start with something, anything I like to do that could put me on the right path. And there’s no telling where I will end up.

BTW I just might try your first suggestion. :-)

(Aug 31 '12 at 13:49) Tyro Scribe Tyro%20Scribe's gravatar image
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