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I am a graphics designer, and I would like to make a new background for Chris, however I do not want to replace the current background unless the designer is ok with it (its called consideration) I wouldn't like to steel someones spot without them saying its ok. so do you know who made it so that I can ask them? also, do you know where I can find the classic lockergnome logo ? .ai vector file preferred. IF YOU ARE READING THIS CHRIS ;D THEN YOU ARE EPIC, ALSO CAN YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS AND SEND ME AS MANY IMAGE FORMATS AS POSSIBLE FOR YOUR CLASSIC LOGO AND ASK THE ORIGINAL DESIGNER OF YOUR CURRENT BACKGROUND IF HE IS OK WITH HIS BACKGROUND BEING REPLACED?...

asked Sep 01 '12 at 07:07

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I will put up snapshots of the background once I have started.

(Sep 01 '12 at 07:10) benwatkinsart benwatkinsart's gravatar image

if no one can find his logo then I ill just sketch it out myself ;-P

(Sep 01 '12 at 07:11) benwatkinsart benwatkinsart's gravatar image

The best way to find it is with Google.com
Here is a link for the Search hope this helps.


answered Sep 01 '12 at 15:35

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edited Sep 01 '12 at 16:16

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answered Sep 01 '12 at 18:07

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I can easily create a vector of Chris's face logo, I was just wondering if Chris could just give me the file to make life easier, either way I gave up doing this after all anyway so meh...

(Oct 09 '12 at 13:45) benwatkinsart benwatkinsart's gravatar image
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