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My laptop has a HD Graphics 4000. The other one has HD Graphics 3000. They both have HDMI inputs. But the question is, does the graphic card effect the quality of HDMI? If yes, how much of difference? Also would there be a big effect between HD Graphics 4000 and HD Graphics 3000?

asked Sep 16 '12 at 01:46

Steve%20Nam's gravatar image

Steve Nam

If you are just watching videos and doing other basic stuff then it wont matter which of those onboard GPU's you are using, but if if are trying to run a demanding 3D game then a better GPU will allow vyou to use better visual settings.

answered Sep 16 '12 at 01:58

Razor512's gravatar image


so as long I watch video's, there is no difference btw good graphic cards and normal ones?

(Sep 16 '12 at 01:59) Steve Nam Steve%20Nam's gravatar image

yep no difference.

the modern intel GPU's have full support for hardware acceleration for common formats and the GPU usage never gets even close to stressing the intel GPU. The only reason why you would move to a faster video card is if you need to run a demanding game, or need to run something like maya or adobe aftereffects.

(Sep 16 '12 at 02:24) Razor512 Razor512's gravatar image

Thank you :)

(Sep 16 '12 at 18:50) Steve Nam Steve%20Nam's gravatar image

Hi Steve,

I've found this site to be indispensable where it comes to notebook/laptop graphics queries.

They have so much information that you really ought to go & have a good read. It's especially helpful for when you're shopping for a new laptop & don't understand why one costs so much more with the same specs (except the video).


answered Sep 16 '12 at 01:55

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edited Sep 16 '12 at 01:57

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