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I have a weebly website right now but I want to upgrade to my own domain and possibly start with webhosting such as godaddy or 1&1. I am extremely inexperienced with this kind of thing, and I want you all's opinions on what i should do or what I should pick for hosting services, etc. Thanks! Also, if i moved to hosting, would I have to learn html or would it still work as easy as weebly is? What is the difference between linux and windows hosting, and other things. I just need to know the basics in general. I would love to stay with weebly, but they dont offer things like unlimited websites and 500 email accounts, etc. Thanks again!

asked Oct 04 '12 at 01:00

swagmanT's gravatar image


Well, if you have the time, picking up how to build a site isn't such a bad thing. You get more control over your site. However, it isn't recommended if you don't have the time to keep an eye on it. Services like Weebly though limits what you can do, makes life easier for you.

There are some WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web designing programs and makes life easier for some. iWeb is an excellent app if your on a Mac. Well Linux hosting tend to be a bit more stable from my experience. Overall Linux makes a better server than Windows do. Though if a company is offering Windows hosts then it's most likely that they are reliable enough to risk business on.

It isn't much but if there's anything else, you can ask :)

answered Oct 04 '12 at 08:23

AlphaMike's gravatar image


I have iWeb, and I love it, but how do I get that website onto the web. it seems like the only option it gives me is MobileMe, which as far as i know no longer exists.

(Oct 04 '12 at 16:01) swagmanT swagmanT's gravatar image

If you click on your site tabs there, you'll see your site name with the MobileMe interface. You should be able to see something like

Publish to: MobileMe (drop down menu)

just hit that and you'll have 2 extra options of uploading to FTP or local folder. If you have your hosting, then enter in your FTP details.

(Oct 04 '12 at 21:42) AlphaMike AlphaMike's gravatar image

haha yeah i was messing around yesterday and found itl thanks

(Oct 05 '12 at 14:06) swagmanT swagmanT's gravatar image

I am using Hosting24, they have always done the right thing by me, unlimited size, Domain names registered free for as long as you are with them, I have been with them now for over two years, my website has 216 pages incorporating some 4200 images and almost as much information

answered Oct 05 '12 at 03:08

lasaboy's gravatar image


dear lord that sounds great. how much does that run?

(Oct 05 '12 at 03:15) swagmanT swagmanT's gravatar image

I have had great luck with Bluehost. I have been with them at least 4 years and only a couple of hiccups on the mail server. Pretty much unlimited, $6.95 a month with a special of $4.95 showing on their website now. Dan

answered Oct 05 '12 at 07:01

dan501's gravatar image


thanks! alja

(Oct 05 '12 at 14:07) swagmanT swagmanT's gravatar image
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