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Hi Everyone, Recently my family and l have noticed that are internet is keep disconnecting from are modem. It doesn't disconnect from our pc's/macs it just closes the gateway however my brothers xbox disconnects from xbox live does anyone know why this is happening? l say we have about 8 devices connected to the wifi and one xbox through cable, I have done basic troubleshooting and unplugged the modem for 30 seconds and plugged it back in, resorted the gateway and checked all the splitters to see if there connected to the phones correctly. I think the problem is the router/modem is old and needs replacing and l have been thinking to upgrade and get a Apple Airport Extreme Base Station to replace my existing modem. But the thing l am confused is that the phone line that goes in my existing modem does that go in the Airport Extreme or does the ethernet cable go in there to enable internet connection? Or does anyone know how to fix this situation feel free to ask any question about my internet from all l know I'm with Telstra Australia and ADSL2+

asked Oct 06 '12 at 09:06

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Have you checked with your ISP with the modem itself they can usually tell with their applications on their end if it has been disconnecting frequently between your location and their central offices. I used to work for one which I have seen that some modems are older than the the current modems are using and have moved onward to a better connection with the newer models. I know I was using an older surfboard from my cable company for my high speed internet and when they switched over they threw out the older docsis with the newer one. And I had major problems with a stable connection till we found out that there was a computability problem with the one that I had and the newer docsis configuration.

Call in to see what they can offer to help with and see if they can maybe make a switch out of the modem itself.

answered Oct 06 '12 at 16:12

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Hi Blake,

Here are two things you can try:

1) easiest & quickest- and can have a substantial impact if the channel is what's causing this. Enter the settings for the broadcast channel & change it to something else- then save the setting. Try each channel, saving in-between, to see if it solves the drop-out.

2) flash the newest firmware for your modem. Check the maker's site to see if they have a newer firmware & download it to your desktop. Open the modem settings & go to the update page- browse to the new firmware you saved to the desktop, & update it.


answered Oct 07 '12 at 04:07

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