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I recently got a 24 inch HDTV with HDMI ports. Since my HP Pavilion g6 laptop has HDMI output, I thought it would be fun to put it through its paces as a monitor, with an external keyboard and a trackball hooked up.

So with the laptop set to not sleep on close, I configure it this way. Everything seemed fine until today I noticed some real issues loading certain web pages. Some wouldn't load at all. Tried different DNS servers, all sorts of things. Even called the cable company to see if there were local issues.

Finally I took the laptop to the room where the cable modem and hooked it up directly via ethernet. Absolutely no issues. Hmm, weird. Disconnected and turned wireless back on. No issues. Hooked it back up to the monitor, there goes my internet speed.

So, consequently I believe that with an HDMI monitor attached (even though I turned off the main screen) the laptop is basically pulling power from the wireless card. The signal strength monitor for the wireless did seem a tad low. Now, if I say, got an external wireless dongle for the laptop, do you think this could be fixed? Or am I stuck with using ethernet when I want to use the monitor?

asked Oct 12 '12 at 13:30

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HDMI out will not be "pulling power" from the wifi card. It does appear that the hdmi is causing the issue though - quite a bizarre one really?! First thing i would do is update the drivers for your WLAN and GPU from the manufacturers website. Check network adapter properties and make sure the only adapter enabled is the WLAN adapter... Also worth seeing if the same ting happens when using wired ethernet connection - ie does network drop when hdmi is plugged in using ethernet as well as wireless?!

answered Oct 26 '12 at 09:49

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