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Ever feel like some statements or articles are said in a way that if they do not use or want something then no one should want or use it? Like saying desktops are pointless because they do not use them, well, either do I right now yet they are FAR from pointless.

Optical media is still very much used as well, my computer is my blu-ray/dvd player, some say flash drives are out because of the cloud, that does not work well for large files or simple tasks to move from one system to another. I have even heard someone that wanted the SD card reader removed because they use their phone even though millions of people still use cameras.

Another the net I see a lot of statements where people are basically telling others what they should be using. I understand we all have different needs, I know people that could get by on an iPad as they only have favorites, they really save nothing and are basically net based while I need much more space and my wants are different.

I still have use for a scanner, sure a lot of people hardly use one.

The list could go on with with any tech some may think is on the way out and a lot of it may be for some, just not everyone.

asked Oct 19 '12 at 04:43

Xiro's gravatar image


I agree to some extent, however people are not really telling you what should be important they are directing you toward the future. In the same way people say Windows XP is dead, yet millions of XP machines are still in use. They are simply trying to make you embrace the future. Some day everything will be cloud-based and accessed through tablets.The people who make these statements are really just trying to generalise for the average consumer

answered Oct 19 '12 at 15:53

ItsDaveyB's gravatar image



Sometimes it may be like that and other times some are living too far in the future and forget about what people are using now. If I tell someone an optical drive is important to me and I use it they cannot say it is useless in general, if I am using it of course it is not useless. If it is for them, fine.

The idea that everything should be made based on their needs is a goes a bit far. The attitude that if they do not use it no one should.

I live in the present and a little in the future, I cannot even say what my needs will be in ten years. I am not big on the cloud as the only way to access data, I prefer my information to be with me. Now that is just my opinion on that matter. Just like I will never spend twenty dollars on a limited DRM compressed lower quality digital download when I can buy higher quality for half the price.

To me Windows Xp is dead, it is rather dated by now and Windows 7 is much better for me. I know for some it still works for them. I know people that still use a portable CD player. They never really got into tech aside from a computer.

(Oct 19 '12 at 19:36) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image

I think I understand what Xiro is saying. I get tired of reading about how obsolete my technology is, but here I am typing this on a 2005 or so PowerBook G4. The most recent operating system this Mac is able to use is more than five years old now. Yet it has its uses for me, and I prefer using it for certain tasks.

answered Jan 02 '13 at 08:04

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edited Jan 02 '13 at 08:04

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