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I currently a Senior high school student and I am planning on majoring in computer science. The only problem I have is I don't what to look for in a college that has computer science major? is it important that I look at what they offer in that computer science major? What scholarship can I get that involves some type of technology in it?

asked Nov 09 '12 at 15:18

Gamer1095's gravatar image


Also I currently intern at Xcel Engery. Do you guys think that stands out to colleges?

(Nov 09 '12 at 15:19) Gamer1095 Gamer1095's gravatar image

I guess I don't know "what to look for", but I am going to National American University for it.

answered Nov 09 '12 at 22:26

Drmgiver's gravatar image


I was thinking of UofM but I don't really have a good reason though.

(Nov 10 '12 at 11:27) Gamer1095 Gamer1095's gravatar image

Which U of M? There are lots of Ms...

(Nov 10 '12 at 13:31) sfrancis928 sfrancis928's gravatar image

I always thought the standard for "U of M" was Minnesota. I might be wrong though.

(Nov 10 '12 at 16:16) Drmgiver Drmgiver's gravatar image

Well, I googled "U of M" and Minnesota was the first result, but Michigan was second and third, then Memphis. So I wasn't sure. It's just for curiosity's sake anyway, no big deal.

(Nov 11 '12 at 01:21) sfrancis928 sfrancis928's gravatar image

You're currently in year 12 & only now thinking of this? Doesn't your high school arrange "open days" at various universities for students to attend? This all starts in year 10 in Australia (beginning to take extension courses for areas that interest you).

Have you received any commendations/awards for your high school years/GPA or such? Have you a history of community service? These mean quite a lot here when applying to uni.

As far as "which to apply to"- I would start with the student advisor at your school. I would imagine that you must apply for any scholarships well in advance of the end of your final year? There's also the subject of GPA required to even apply.

My son is currently in his foundation year at Curtin University of Technology in Perth. He started with a double degree of computer science/computer systems engineering. As his first year ends, he is now considering moving towards programming. I would say that you need to speak with your school advisor first, then Google for universities near you that offer IT/engineering.

You might then telephone or visit their websites to find "open days" where you can take a campus tour.

Good luck!

answered Nov 11 '12 at 03:03

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